Specs of Lenovo's first gaming smartphone have been leaked

And it looks amazing

Photo: Weibo Lenovo's Legion gaming smartphone bundle including the phone, wireless earbuds, a pair of gamepads, and a protective case.

Reports have shown that photos of Lenovo's first-ever gaming phone have been leaked online. As told by The Verge, a "trusted" anonymous source leaked unreleased material along with the specs for the new phone to XDA Developers. However, it is important to say there is no guarantee that all these details will reflect in the phone's final design.

Lenovo has long been preparing to release its first gaming smartphone under the brand, "Legion Gaming." And thanks to a very trusted source, everyone will now be able to take a look at the details of the potential design and its detailed specifications.

According to XDA Developers, "In late December of 2019, Lenovo created a new account called "Legion Gaming Phone" on Chinese social media platform Weibo. Over a month and a half later, Lenovo officially teased the first smartphone under its Legion gaming brand. The company uploaded a poster announcing that this upcoming smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 865, Qualcomm's highest-end SoC for mobile devices."

On 3 March, general manager of Lenovo China Mobile, Chen Jin, teased the public that the Legion gaming smartphone will be featuring a disruptive new architecture to solve issues for mobile games like surface temperatures and reduced charging speeds.

So what else? XDA Developers said it learned from teaser videos and posters that the Legion Gaming Phone will possibly launch with 90W fast wired charging for 100% charge within 30 minutes, 5000mAh dual-cell battery, a USB-C port on the side and the bottom, two rear cameras in the middle of the back - 64MP and 16MP, a pop-up front-facing 20MP camera on the side, two speakers, notch-less screen and will run Android 10.

According to XDA Developers this mindblowing baby will not be "the only one first-generation Legion smartphone model."

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