Spain declares 10-day official mourning for coronavirus victims

As of today Spain enters a 10-day period of mourning to honour the nearly 30,000 people who died from the coronavirus, news wires reported. During the mourning period, flags will fly at half-mast all over the country’s public buildings and navy ships, government spokeswoman Maria Jesus Montero told a news briefing after a cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

Writing on Twitter, Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez said it would be "10 days, the longest period of mourning in our democracy, in which we will all express our sorrow and pay homage to those who have died." The period will end with an official ceremony led by the head of state in remembrance of the fatalities recorded in the country.

The mourning period would also include an official ceremony to honour victims presided by King Felipe VI. "Eight out of 10 victims were older than 70, they were those who helped build the country that we know today," Montero pointed out.

China, where the virus emerged late in 2019, held a national day of mourning on 4 April, while Italy, which has so far suffered almost 32,900 deaths, mourned the victims on 31 March. And this week, the United States lowered its flags to half-mast for three days to remember its dead, who now number more than 98,200.

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