Sorry, but Peevski is too hard a nut to crack

Delyan Peevski

The mission of the Institute for Market Economics (IME) is to “elaborate and advocate market-based solutions to challenges citizens of Bulgaria and the region face in reforms.” A pretentious signature line which is far from the truth.

For quite a time now the main mission of the IME chaired by the offspring of communist nomenclature Krasen Stanchev is to address “challenge named Peevski”. Is there anyone who hasn’t tried his hand at that?  Please, comrades, don’t push. Everyone will have a chance to show off skills. However, do try at least sound a little more true to fact. Sorry, but Peevski is a hard nut to crack and is too much for you.  

Yes, it is trendy to blame on him every evil in Bulgaria. For sure everything you will say or write will be quoted by the two “battering ram” media outlets of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev – Dnevnik and Capital. Nevertheless, don’t make a laughing stock of yourselves and try at least to stick to your agenda and the talking points your bosses of the Capital circle send down to you.

Don’t forget to lean on your crutches, like “related to Peevski” or “well informed sources maintain”. Otherwise it comes out that you say something that is at odds with the truth. Same as the IME expert Ivan Bregov who staged his public performance in the programme of TV+ and TV1 hosted by Vesselin Dremdjiev. 

“Evidently the candidature of Peevski for the post of Prosecutor General for better or for worse got the upper hand over that of Boyko Borissov,” Bregov says.

To be frank we’ve never heard before that Boyko Borissov and Delyan Peevski were running for this post. With this statement the “expert” has outdone all regular commentators and analysts of the “battering ram” media. It’s a separate issue whose sick brain gave birth to such a conspiracy. If this man’s knowledge of market economics is just as meager we wonder in what particular field he poses as expert?

In his previous demonstration of ignorance and infantilism this “expert” elaborated on the dependent and independent magistrates. And again chewed on the name of Peevski. In any case, then it became clear who the most dependent experts are at the Institute of Market Economics. Isn’t it a little unhealthy, dear “experts”, to pass from mouth to mouth your chewed-up fakes about Peevski?

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