Sorrows of agent Academician over Delyan Peevski’s donations

Ognyan Stefanov

Ognyan Stefanov (aka agent Academician) is again tormented by the ludicrous question: “What is the history of Peevski’s money”, the money which the lawmaker donates on his own volition to hospitals, laboratories, municipalities and research institutes.

The hurt feelings of oligarchs Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev don’t bother the medical professionals because they make “donations” only to their nefarious pen pushers who are only beating the drum to say how evil Peevski actually is.

The medics do need protective gear and medical equipment to take care of the coronavirus infected, because there are really acute cases when people die without a breathing ventilator. We witnessed that in Italy. 

However, in Bulgaria we witness how people sick in the head respond to the situation and we keep wondering if some other virus of mental origin has not infected their grey matter. The so-called A.A. (which stands for Agent Academician, not Alcoholics Anonymous) keeps asking questions about the history of Peevski’s money. The man is asking because he has been ordered to ask questions but we are looking forward for a chance to hear the answer. A.A. is apparently a fan of the media outlets of Telegraph Media, he is closely following all of our publications and we understand him. Only here will you be able to find the truth about his bosses – fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

Please, dear Agent, read it again, print it out and pin it on your signal panel – Peevski is among the businessmen most frequently audited in Bulgaria! He has been checked on numerous occasions by various institutions and has never complained about it. Whereas your bosses, Tsvetan Vassilev and Ivo Prokopiev, are raising hell whenever the State dares holding them accountable for their crimes.

Delyan Peevski makes donations because he can afford it, because he wants to make them and every cent he spends on it is earned legally. In contrast to the money the Belgrade resident Tsvetan Vassilev who syphoned of several billions from CorpBank and robbed it depositors. With the plundered money the ladies of the family have been buying expensive lingerie and perfumes. While you, Mr Agent, have lined you pockets with at least one “donation” from Tsvetan Vassilev – about BGN 200,000-300,000, according to the witness testimony on the CorpBank case.  However, financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev is a stingy person and never gives out anything for free. He does it only in exchange for services rendered. Isn’t that true, agent Academician? We see it every day on your site, whose motto is “shoot down Peevski!”

However this is nothing but firing blanks. A.A. has been so mush impressed by our journalistic talent that he even called the journalists of Telegraph Media the “Gorgons”. Wow, how very mythical, Mr Academician. It was just a joke, relax! And because you write about some people who “kissed someone’s asses”, about hygiene habits, etc., we will reply to you thematically. Who is the Bulgarian oligarch hiding out abroad after stealing BGN 4bn and what the media outlets are  that are casting slur at people calling this slur “news”. And thank you for reading our comment.

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