Sordid broodings of a protester about Peevski and donations

Ivo Bozhkov

Protester, Sorosoid, former model in ads of a mobile operator, toady of indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev – these are just some attributes characterising Ivo Bozhkov, municipal councilor from Yes, Bulgaria.

The obsessions and complexes of this strange subject with frail constitution and unclear gender identity whose unfulfilled dream was to run for a mayor have surfaced in his outpourings on the cable TV channel Eurocom where he has been trying to host a programme for several years now. A programme as elementary as he himself is but woven from the oligarchic talking points. A palaver of a frustrated protester who failed to qualify for some more or less prestigious post. The protester whose greatest personal achievement is the title of a Man of the Year in a rating clumsily concocted by a human rights organization famous for its anti-Bulgarian activity.

This protégé of Ivo Prokopiev and his other fellow oligarchs has never used his loose tongue to defame any representative of the behind-the-scenes clique. He doesn’t care about the mafia-style privatisation because, as he himself specifies in his meagre biography, he came back to Bulgaria in 2005. Which means that his memories date back from exactly this year. But what Ivo Bozhov sees as the biggest challenge is to mar the reputation of lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski because this is the “cause” of those who shot him to the post of a municipal councilor. The ugly campaign waged against Peevski is history now. It is doomed to failure. Ivo Bozhkov and his sordid rhetoric aimed against one of Bulgaria’s biggest donors are of no importance because the Bulgarian society has learnt to sort the wheat from the chaff. And understands who is who in actuality. Who donates and who lies. Like, for instance, oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, the apt example of illicit enrichment owing to the mafia-style privatisation of Kaolin mining company and Damianitsa winery. Or like the pharmaceutical tycoon Ognyan Donev who lied blatantly that he evaded BGN 63m in taxes because he “didn’t have specific education and this prevented him from calculating the real amount due for payment. Besides the auditors of the National Revenue Agency did not remind him that he owes something to the state.” Yet another example is Sasho Donchev, the natural gas tycoon who was put in the right place (gas tap) at the right time. A team of “smart cookies” to whom the interests of Bulgaria have never been a priority. Just like donorship which is not their priority either because they themselves do not have any qualms about taking part in the big plunder. They don’t give a damn about human lives as long as they themselves wallow in luxury.

In these days of overwhelming crisis when all Bulgarians are united around things really important and related to the survival of all of us, when all honest people are doing the best they can to contain the contagion the blabber of yet another failed politician of Democratic Bulgaria is of no importance. His words have no resonance whatsoever.  Because it is apparent that Ivo Bozhkov is a spokesman for a clique which is not used to make donations but only to appropriate. The clique which is aware that the clock is ticking and their time is up. Very soon they will be held accountable for their crimes by the society, i.e. the people they don’t give a damn about. The truth about the plunderers of the people will be finally announced no matter how much it hurts the oligarchs. And let Ivo Bozkov speak at large. What else is left to him except blowing hot air.

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