Sony to bring crypto-centered betting platform on its new patent

Sony Interactive Entertainment has recently joined the cryptocurrency bandwagon after registering its patent last Thursday, 13 May. As reported by TechTimes, the said patent will be focused on its e-sports betting platform, which will let the users use bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Since players have been fond of various live-streamed e-sports events, Sony saw the opportunity as the right time to enjoy real-time crypto betting during game viewing. According to Talkesport, Sony has been preparing for such appearance on the e-sports scene through its newly-introduced patent. The Japanese multinational conglomerate has shown extreme interest in the industry of electronic games after it completed the acquisition of EVO (Evolution Championship Series) in March 2021.

Furthermore, the recent patent tells that Sony is clearly on the continuous track of adapting to the e-sports industry, and there's no assurance if it will let go of its pursuit. 

When watching games, users will be toured to a standard UI (User Interface), which will appear right in front of them. Later, there will be a feature that will pop up showing how they could bet in the game.

"Wagers may be pecuniary, e.g., money or bitcoin, or maybe non-pecuniary, e.g. game assets, digital rights, and virtual currency," the Sony patent reads.

This means that when betting, you can either choose a real currency, an asset in the game, any kinds of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dogecoin, and more means of payment to bet for your rooted team in e-sports.

It's seemingly exciting to know that even the in-game items will be counted as a betting medium so there will be no discrimination regardless of your desired currency.

According to Tweaktown's report on Tuesday, 18 May, the patent will permit live stream viewers of the e-sports events such as fighting game tourneys to place money based on the matches' results while tracking the real-time sequence of the game.

Instead of depending only on Sony consoles alone, the newly-registered patent applies to other gaming consoles as well. The crypto-powered bettings on the e-sports platform say that the patent covers Sony PlayStation and its related consoles.

Besides that, the patent is also linked to the Nintendo or Microsoft consoles, as well as those makers who manufacture portable TVs, including internet-connected and smart home televisions,  computers, smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Other than that, the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headsets are also included under the machines mentioned in Sony's patent. Recently, Sony submitted a patent that lets the user maneuver a "banana" controller. To date, the latest patent involves a technology which adjusts the game's latency according to a player's skill.

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