Some RIA woman said… about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The journalists from the website Frognews roam the farmers’ markets with their ear to the ground. Whatever they hear about Delyan Peevski goes up on their website immediately. On 3 July, the snooping hounds of Ognyan Stefanov, aka agent Academician of the former State Security, had an epiphany. Truthfully, it was a text that they received with orders to publish it and attach several links to it.

Apparently, they did not even bother to read the material that other servants of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev authored to avoid any more mistakes, as evidenced by the fact that the text appeared in Frognews with all the instructions in brackets left in it. Get it?

The fact that those pulling the strings have no trust in the stout agent Academician’s employees to do their job properly is understandable because the latter have proven to drop the ball whenever they have had to freestyle the writings against lawmaker of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. The order to produce fabrications on a daily basis is what justifies the existence of the website Frognews, which on Wednesday directly published a text, without applying a critical eye to it, entitled “(Road Infrastructure Agency) officials: One of Peevski’s men controls toll collection system through Kapsch Group”. It is not hard to figure that the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) is not among the most discussed topics at the farmers’ markets, from where the Frognews employees source their information, so it stands to reason that the text was not edited at all. The article is an absolute hotchpotch, quickly thrown together. It as an attempt by its authors to attack Delyan Peevski, without taking into account that it was us, his media outlets, and our articles that led to the uncovering of serious wrongdoings in the RIA.

Let us remind that in June the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment of three RIA employees with the Sofia City Court. They were charged with grave dereliction of duty, constituting a serious offence. The names included the former RIA head Lazar Lazarov, who as a chairperson of the RIA Managing Board between 7 August 2014 and 17 February 2015 allegedly purposefully failed to do his due diligence in the construction of the Maritsa Highway project, which resulted in damages for the Ministry of Transport and Information Technologies to the tune of BGN 30,813,647. Here is what Monitor wrote in January 2017, some two and a half years before the indictment was filed: “The winner of the Hemus contract got a public procurement order for 9.3 km. BGN 66m in taxpayer money is going to a consortium of Hidrostroy, Vodstroy 98 and Patstroy Burgas”. It was pointed out that the then incumbent head of the agency was Lazarov. Instead of focusing their attention on that investigation or on the violations for which Lazarov is now being brought to justice, however, the authors of the Frognews text manage, without a shred of evidence and against all logic, to tie Delyan Peevski to the Austrian company Kapsch Group, alternating between connecting him to the Kapsch representative for Bulgaria Boris Markov and Ivan Mirinski of Vodstroy 98. It is unclear how they arrived at the conclusion (essentially summarised in the headline too) that a man of Peevski calls the shots (link, see here, etc. – oops, these are references to another topic on the manipulative website)

As if that were not enough, they use Lazarov, whom we have incriminated in wrongdoings, as a source in the article.

On more than one occasion, we have informed agent Academician that the Commercial Register does not show any legal ties between Vodstroy 98 and Ivan Mirinski, on the one hand, and Delyan Peevski, on the other hand. In contrast, dating back to 2012, there have been media reports linking Vodstroy 98 to certain other people, including Frognews’s sponsor Tsvetan Vassilev due to the large loan funding extended to the company by his CorpBank. We have written about this multiple times so the fugitive banker’s servants’ attack against us is patently absurd. We would ask that agent Academician’s parrots be kind enough to check their instructions again because they obviously have the wrong target.

The women on the farmers’ markets can be heard whispering with confidence about many other things – the fraudulent banker, who is spending the millions of levs he stole undisturbed; the websites financed by him; his partners in the publishing business; their personal bank accounts… Get it, Frognews? Women at the farmers’ markets are very chatty these days. You can also hear the same kind of women in Belgrade talking about Tsvetan Vassilev having connections in the RIA and controlling the toll collection system. Have you not met those?

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