Sofia Philharmonic salutes Europe

Some 93 orchestra players and choir singers with the Sofia Philharmonic participated in a performance of the Anthem of Europe, with each of them recording their part at home. Maestro Nayden Todorov, conductor and director of the orchestra, recorded his bit in front of Yoan Leviev’s monumental mural Man and Peace displayed in Hall 8 of the National Palace of Culture in Sofia – an artwork whose message relates to freedom, unity and all the other values bringing us together, especially in trying days like these.

Known as Ode to Joy, the anthem is part of Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 and was inspired by the eponymous poem written by Friedrich Schiller. In 1972 the Council of Europe adopted Ode to Joy as its anthem. In 1985 it was adopted by EU leaders as the official anthem of the European Union. In the universal language of music this piece is an expression of European ideals of freedom, peace and solidarity.

Nayden Todorov came up with the idea for the video, which is directed by Stefan Stefanov and executive produced by Kristina Mateeva from the Bulgarian National Television.

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