Sofia Art Projects starts with international exhibition

Artists from Bulgaria, the US, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine present their notions of intimacy and spectacle in the age of social media

Are there really boundaries between art and life that we would like to keep? This is the question asked by the curators of the Intimacy and Spectacle in the Age of Social Media project - Dessislava Dimova, Vera Mlechevska and Vessela Nozharova. In the first edition of the Sofia Art Projects initiative, they explore borderline situations, frameworks and platforms where parallel and blurry representations of art and the public sphere are possible.

Between 10 and 20 June, Bulgarian and foreign artists will present their art installations, performances and screenings at Serdica's Decumanus Maximus and online, reflecting on the current dynamic situation where private space and spectacle are constantly exchanging places. Places for the exhibits will be provided by the stores and the shop windows in the passageways under Independence Square, as well as the space under the glass dome of Sofia's Largo.

After a year's pause in artistic life and some art that has reached us from abroad, Sofia Art Projects focuses exactly on the international aspect and exchange. Well-known artists from Bulgaria, the US, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Ukraine will take part in the exhibition.

The artists will present mainly new and specially created projects for the exposition. Tracey Snelling from the US will participate with her miniature cities, which are this time the result of her two-week stay and impressions of Sofia's architecture and life. The choreographer Viktor Ruban from Ukraine will work with youngsters and passersby, with whom he will create a choreography in the Largo and among the exhibition itself. The legendary vehicles named Sofia - the first and only car of Bulgarian design, will be presented as an art project and historical artefact by the artist Lazar Lyutakov, and the artist Stela Vasileva will transform the space under the glass dome of the Largo using light. The artist Ivan Mudov will get involved with both sculpture and a new performance, in which he experiments with a typical South African practice of begging for money by collecting garbage. With her work, the young artist Krasimira Butseva will deal with moments from the history of the specific place. Sasho Stoitsov, one of the key figures of Bulgarian contemporary art since the 1980s, will show his new sculpture installation Vani of Philosophy. Two international tandems will be also participating in the exhibition. One of the duos are Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkacova, who will take part with an installation on one of the shop windows in the passageways. Pauline Baudry and Renate Lorenz will present a film in which the Venezuelan singer Aérea Negrot sings at Oranienplatz in Berlin, where there was a protest refugee camp until 2014.

As an online extension to the exposition at the Largo, Sofia Art Projects will also include a livestream video programme with art films and performances by 15 artists from Bulgaria and Europe. The programme Her Accurate Private Mind is a curatorial experiment with the online format, which has become compulsory during the coronavirus pandemic, but also due to the place of art on the popular social platforms. The streaming will be broadcast on Twitch, a platform that is popular mostly among gamers.

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