Socialist functionary defends his protégé to Bozhkov TV, lies about Peevski

Photo: BGNES Rumen Ovcharov

Socialist functionary Rumen Ovcharov, who was recently convicted of financial crimes, appeared on bTV, which has become known as Bozhkov TV because of its ties to Vasil Bozhkov (the Bulgarian El Chapo), to defend his protégé Kornelia Ninova, who served as his deputy minister in the Sergey Stanishev cabinet.  

Ovcharov’s appearance on the bTV morning show was a kill-two-birds-with-one-stone type of situation – complain about having been convicted and help keep Ninova in her position as chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). For some time now, Ovcharov’s protégé has been losing ground in her own party because of her obvious partnership with oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, who faces 18 felony charges and who is currently using the BSP as a battering ram against the establishment.

This is why no one was surprised by Ovcharov’s bTV appearance, ostensibly to comment the Specialised Criminal Court’s ruling at first instance, which gave him a two-year suspended sentence with three years of probation and a fine of BGN 16,556,344 for dereliction of good management duties. But instead of explaining the dubious ties of some BSP members, Ovcharov made an absurd attempt to lay the blame for the BSP turmoil at the feet of opposition lawmaker Delyan Peevski. The absurdity stems from the fact that Peevski is an MP from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF). At the heart of this attack is the same reason why so many others churn out fake news about Peevski – he is inconvenient because his media outlets keep exposing those people’s wrongdoings.

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