Slovenian PM under impeachment threat

Photo: Slovenian government Janez Jansa

Slovenia’s opposition filed on Friday a constitutional impeachment motion against PM Janez Jansa, arguing he has failed to order enough vaccines for the nation and is hurting the freedoms of media and the judiciary, news wires reported. MPs will debate and vote on the impeachment motion as soon as next month. If approved, the motion will be passed on to the nation’s top court, which will decide whether to oust Jansa.

The government has been under increased pressure and has faced months-long protests, a failed no-confidence motion in February and five minister impeachments, three of them in March alone. Cracks in the ruling coalition deepened on Tuesday when lawmakers rejected a motion to oust the parliament speaker, who left the ruling alliance last week. The failure to muster enough votes for his ouster has weakened Jansa’s grip on power.

The trouble comes as Slovenia prepares to take over the EU’s rotating presidency in July, and the government’s approval rating fell to a record low of 28.4% in March.

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