Slovenian leader calls emergency meeting over coalition’s fate

Amid disagreements over 2020-2021 budget, snap elections seem the most likely scenario

Photo: Reuters Slovenian Prime Minister Marjan Sarec

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Marjan Sarec called on his coalition partners to decide whether they want to stick together as bickering over the 2020-2021 budget deepened the euro-area nation’s political crisis. 

The move comes as his minority government is currently three votes short of a parliamentary majority after a leftist party revoked its support two week ago, raising the question of whether Sarec will be given the opportunity to finish his four year term.

The session also comes as the five remaining coalition parties, who’re slated to meet Wednesday, remain divided on issues including the size of pensions and money to be allocated to municipalities. Sarec’s tie-up has been in power since last year. Another big test will come Thursday, when lawmakers will vote on the budget draft and a bailout law that’s been denounced by the European Central Bank.

“Not passing budgets for 2020 and 2021 would be a bad sign for Slovenians and international markets,” Finance Minister Andrej Bertoncelj told lawmakers on Tuesday. Later he answered questions by media, and according to STA suggested he may resign.

“If there is a discrepancy between the budget and the law on budget implementation, we will very likely no longer have the finance minister,” he was quoted saying.

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