Silence of red baroness and lies of her consigliere against Peevski

Since Telegraph Media revealed that Kornelia Ninova owns a hotel for the wealthy in Halkidiki (See here), which was bought with a loan from the Bulgarian Development Bank (i.e. with taxpayers' money), she became silent. She hissed something, kept quiet about the meetings in hunting farms and an oil company, and hid in the political quagmire. WHO came on the stage now - her loyal consigliere Rumen Gechev? As a true bodyguard of the red baroness, he appeared on the bTV air, connected with the oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, who is hiding in Dubai.

. In a pitiable attempt to protect his red mistress, Gechev uttered so much nonsense that it would be better for him if he had remained silent. "BDB distributes the money of the Bulgarian taxpayers and finances the oligarchs in Bulgaria - several crocodiles that roam around the banks. Mr Peevski is included in this number. Who manages BDB, who is the Minister of Finance, who is the Minister of Economy? The money flows to companies owned by GERB and MRF. BGN 700 million are gone. Who is responsible for the Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling? Mr Goranov? Whom is Minister Goranov a minister of? Of the MRF? The money flows in all directions. Hundreds of millions are stolen from BDB, millions are stolen from the State Commission on Gambling, hundreds of millions are stolen from the European funds,” the consigliere is speaking like this.

But he does not say who these oligarchs are. They have their names. Like his boss Ninova, who took a huge loan exactly from BDB and thus benefited with a luxury hotel in Greece. Or like Ivo Prokopiev, who has even his head of BDB - Panayot Filipov, who was a prominent employer of his and who found himself at the highest position in the bank, reaching out already to another BGN 700 million. From BDB again. And state money again. The same money, which were set aside for the citizens and companies in our country, in order to fight against the consequences of the pandemic, and not for the pockets of the oligarchs-ringleaders of Gechev.

By the way, Ninova's consigliere not only knows the above, but he is also extremely aware of how billions, not hundreds of millions, can be drained. However, it was under his condescending gaze when the banks in our country went bankrupt one after the other during Videnov's cabinet, whose vice prime minister was he himself. When people were waking up every morning, wondering how many zeros had been added to the hyperinflation, which made their savings vanish into thin air. But that time neither Gechev nor the people who helped this process got what they deserved for bringing the state to the national catastrophe. And now they are all agog for getting it back to similar situation.

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