Sibyl tells a story of mystique and glamour

BRIGIT gallery in Brussels focuses on woman’s beauty

Sibyl X, Valentin Kovatchev

At a collective exhibition in Brussels, Bulgarian artist Valentin Kovatchev is displaying two new pieces from his iconic cycle 'Sibyl' along with other paintings, etchings, drawings and small sculptures. The place is well known for the art lovers in the Belgian capital - BRIGIT gallery at 36 Rue Rollebeek, a narrow walk that stems from the vibrant Place du Grand Sablon.

The artist, who almost 30 years is living in Malaga, started the ‘Sibyl’ cycle two years ago and now the numbers are altogether ten in a row. The woman’s beauty has different faces and I love to depict it in various interpretations, Kovatchev said adding that he is also attracted by the mystique and enigma that they bring. The Sibyls are known from the Antiquity legends as gifted with prophetic sight and this makes the story behind the pictures, he explained.

Women are also dominating in the canvas of Carolina Toyos, artist and gallerist. I named the exhibition “Allegory” because all of us five that are presented here are focused on the gorgeousness of the woman and this is rather symbolic, she elucidated.

Carolina is demonstrating her newest charcoal drawings of naked female figures ‘Intuition’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Angel’. For the first time she uses a technique of making gold decorations stand out in relief.

The exhibition will continue until 27 October and the visitors can see as well the works of Philippe Brodzki and Luis Gonzalvez, both sculptors, and the canvas of Faraco.

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