Shocking revelation: Kornelia Ninova owns a hotel in Halkidiki for tens of millions euro

Loan is received for the deal by the BDB, Bozhkov's yacht for €3m lays at berth in the property’s marina

The red queen of privatisation, Kornelia Ninova, is a proud owner of a luxury hotel for tens of millions of euro in Greece. This shocking revelation was shown by Telegraph media’s investigation. The Socialist leader, who claims that "democracy has taken away a lot from her", has actually managed to increase her fortune drastically in the last few years. Ninova has managed to acquire the luxury hotel Miraggio Thermal SPA Resort in Halkidiki, according to information of Telegraph Media.

However, in order to conceal who is the real owner of the property, as well as even the more scandalous circumstance - that it was bought with taxpayers' money through a loan granted by the state Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB), the hotel is registered with a company, which belongs to Ninova’s figurehead. The latter is a brother of the head of one of Sofia organizations of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). It is Sanko Peshev, who is a brother of the head of BSP Krasno Selo organization - Ivan Peshev. Sanko Peshev is the manager of the company International Investments EAD, which received the loan.

According to unofficial information, the entire cohort of the left-wing nomenclature in our country spends its holidays in the hotel. Prominent barons and baronesses with communist roots and connections are among the guests, such as the President Rumen Radev, his wife Desislava, as well as her former partner - BSP MP Georgi Svilenski. The latter has very close relations with both Kornelia Ninova and Sanko Peshev's brother - Ivan.

One of the favourite shiny toys of the gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov, nicknamed the Skull, who is hiding in Dubai, has laid in the marina of the luxury hotel. The question is about the luxury yacht worth EUR 3m, which the bloody oligarch affectionately calls the "Black Pearl" and himself a "pirate". In fact, El Chapo's ties to the left-wing elite are known for long, so the fact that he decided to hide his yacht from inquisitive investigative bodies in a hotel related to Ninova, does not surprise anyone.

The information available to Telegraph Media shows that namely left-wing nomenclature and MPs were frequent guests on Skull’s yacht and he used to discuss with them the changes in the Gambling Act, thanks to which he managed to damage the treasury with BGN 700m. The normative changes, which filled El Chapo's pockets with state money, were introduced not by anyone else but the former BSP MP Georgi Kadiev.

The amendment to the Gambling Act adopted by the Parliament in 2013, which was proposed by Kadiev, turned out to be a 2-in-1 game for the benefit of Vasil Bozhkov. It helped the fugitive oligarch not only to damage the treasury with BGN 700m with the help of the State Gambling Commission, but also to avoid heavier criminal liability for this crime, along with the people who helped him in this shady deal. Bozhkov's companies have long benefited from the misinterpretation of the act in question, and the Gambling Commission has helpfully approved the rules, which provide for a 20% tax on the commissions they collect, and not as it should be indisputably applied - 15% on the collected bets.

Telegraph Media's scandalous revelation about Ninova's hotel and the loan from BDB by which it was bought, raises a number of other questions. Like the ones - how state money is spent and WHO benefits the left-wing nomenclature with loans from BDB. Only a few months ago, one of the most prominent employers of the kaolin king Ivo Prokopiev joined the bank - Panayot Filipov. Then the oligarch's propaganda media machine tried to pin the protege of their boss to MP Delyan Peevski.

The reason for this public denial was simple - the Capital circle reached out for BGN 700m through Panayotov, which amount was set aside by the  state to help the citizens and companies mostly affected by the crisis. Prokopiev himself is entirely weaved of communist threads, as his whole family is coming from the secret services. His father Georgi Prokopiev was an officer from the Fifth Main Directorate of the former State Security, called Directorate for Security and Protection (DSP). He climbed soon the hierarchy to director of Voden - Todor Zhivkov’s beloved state hunting area. Prokopiev’s mother was also a DSP employee. His brother Alexander was for some time a prominent staffer of State Security, he worked more specifically in the counterintelligence of the totalitarian regime.

Prokopiev is similar to Kornelia Ninova in another way too - the participation in the scandalous privatisation process of the former PM Ivan Kostov, called the Commander. During the time of Commander, that oligarch Prokopiev turned out to be the privatiser of some of the invaluable state assets - Kaolin and Damyanitsa. Then the BSP chairperson Kornelia Ninova became known as the queen of privatization, because of her participation in the Technoimpex deal.

According to media investigations, Ninova has acquired a company with assets of nearly BGN 3m for the modest means of USD 70,000. This deal is a part of the privatisation saga of the state-owned company Technoimpex, where Ninova herself was an executive director before the privatisation. It was concluded on 13 January 1999. The Minister of Trade and Tourism Valentin Vassilev was designated as a seller, and the current BSP leader Kornelia Ninova was designated as a buyer. She was a 28-year-old start-up entrepreneur at that time. The paid price amounted to USD 70,000. The full price pointed in the privatisation contract was USD 700,000, but it is written there that 90% of this amount can be paid by compensatory notes.

Due to these scandalous revelations, the Telegraph newspaper has sent an inquiry to the Bulgarian Development Bank, requesting all the documents for this loan, by which the acquisition of this property is financed, to be provided to us. The newspaper has the documents at its disposal, but before publishing them, it insists on immediate response from the bank, as well as on its position on the case. In case BDB decides not to comply with the law and to withhold the information, we will publish the documents we have.

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