Serbia to vote on Sunday, no political change is expected

Serbians are going to vote in parliamentary polls on Sunday after a lifeless campaign without rallies because of the coronavirus pandemic. With the ruling party surging in the polls, and most of the opposition parties resolved to boycott the polls, political change is clearly not in the air, BalkanInsight reported.

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic is not running for parliament himself but his name is still on the ballot as the head of his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which has been in power for eight years. Their path to victory is all but ensured by a boycott pushed by opposition leaders who say free and fair elections are not possible under Vucic's increasingly authoritarian rule, AFP reported. Yet their camp is anything but united: while some of the main parties are boycotting, almost 20 other smaller groups are still in the race, with little in common besides their aversion to the president.

So Vucic's centre-right party is in pole position to boost its majority with 60% of the vote, according to a survey by research agency Faktor Plus. Next in line with around 12% is its coalition partner, the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS).

The bigger unknown may be turnout among the country's 6.5 million registered voters, in light of coronavirus fears and the boycott campaign.  

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