Serbia to start production of Russian vaccine on 20 May

Photo: Serbia’s government

Serbia will begin production of the Russian-designed coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V on 20 May, according to a deal signed by the two countries in Moscow on Thursday, dpa reported.

The deal, signed by Russian Trade Minister Denis Manturov and Nenad Popovic, a Serbian minister without portfolio, would make Serbia the second country after Russia to manufacture the vaccine, Popovic said in comments on state broadcaster RTS.

The Torlak Institute would get the Serbian licence to produce the vaccine. The institute specializes in vaccines and virus research. A first production cycle could lead to the production of 4 million doses.

Serbia has been using Sputnik V since the start of the year, though it has also been administering vaccines created by Western companies, as well as the China-manufactured vaccine Sinopharm.

Serbia has vaccinated 1.8 million people so far, making it second only to Britain in Europe, in terms of vaccinations. So far, 666,000 people have also received a second dose of vaccine.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is still reviewing Sputnik V to determine whether it will be approved for use within the EU.

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