Season of outwitting

The greatest number of lies is told during election campaigns and hunting seasons. If a downpour of slander, manipulations and unsubstantiated allegations breaks out, you know elections are around the corner. In this particular case, some wish snap elections were imminent.

There are over four months until we enter 2021 and another four months before the regularly scheduled general elections are set to take place. Alas, the oligarchy’s GMO parties, starved for access to public resources, are desperate for snap elections so they can get to more feeding racks after the president, who is now spearheading their protests, appoints a provisional government. The goal is for that cabinet to purge all the public agencies responsible for organising and overseeing the elections, chief among which is Information Services, and plunge the process into darkness. In other words – to rig the elections in favour of the oligarchs who are currently trying to destabilise the country. Rig them in favour of their politically engineered projects.

Directors, even amateur ones like the gambling tzar with 18 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov and his fellow indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, know that scenography is especially important for the success of a show. So, to lend even greater realism to those expectations, the media outlets funded by the aforementioned oligarchs are inundating the public consciousness with lies. The mainstream media machine for fabrications knows no sleep. It churns out and multiplies manipulations around the clock. The goal is to contaminate the national discourse with disinformation so that citizens are unable to see the mechanisms through which the people who once robbed them are now trying to take democracy away from them.

And so on 24 July, the day after Hristo Ivanov, former justice minister (put on that position by Prokopiev) and current strawman leader of the supposedly rightwing party Yes, Bulgaria (now protesting alongside leftwing lawmakers), debuted a new talking point formulated by his mentors about the cabinet reshuffle the libel machine started bombarding the public consciousness with this same thesis. Only slight alterations to reflect authors’ personals style can be discerned. “Four cabinet changes, not a word about Peevski” screamed the headline in the news website Mediapool, controlled by former PM Ivan Kostov’s eternal spokesperson Stoyana Georgieva, after munching on Hristo Ivanov’s claims from the day before that the new faces in the cabinet would make no difference because they are all “people of Delyan Peevski”.

Pinocchio, as the former justice minister has been dubbed because of his propensity to bend the truth, did not provide evidence to support his allegation. Because there is none, because his claim could not be further from the truth. The fact that it was picked up by every cog of the mainstream media machine does not bring it closer to being true; it only makes it a propaganda tool. As we sad, the libel machine knows no sleep, it mindlessly grinds out lies.

Peevski is a lawmaker form an opposition party that voted against the appointment of the new ministers. So much for them being his people. Not to mention that he never had pawns inserted in either this cabinet or the previous ones. The same cannot be said for Ivo Prokopiev, who is even being tried alongside two of the now former ministers he handpicked. He has another one of them – Hristo Ivanov – instigating protests and spouting lies. As for the Mediapool article, its headline, no matter how unfortunately done by the authors, reflects an undeniable fact, the only one in the entire piece. The Council of Ministers reshuffling has nothing to do with Peevski. Therefore, it is only logical that his name does not come up during the debates.

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