Screen print with me

Little Bird Place Gallery presents a group exhibition with limited series of large-format original serigraphs

Photo: Little Bird Place Gallery

In the last few months, 13 Bulgarian artists were introduced to the serigraphy printing technique or deepened their knowledge of it, participating in creative workshops at Sito Studio. Using new methods and techniques, the artists recreated their inner world and their connection with nature, their hopes and ideas about the future and the biological world around us. Each of the works is hand-printed and signed by the artists, collected in a limited edition of 35 pieces, in three colours, sized 100x70cm.

The exhibition, titled Screen Print with Me, features the artists Aleksandra Georgieva - Sa6ettu, Alina Papazova, Borislava Karadzova, Georgi Vassilev, Deyan Yanev, Zhana Mitkova, Kaloyan Iliev - Kokimoto, Mihaela Angelova, Nadezhda Georgieva - Nad, Nikoleta Nosovska, Rosie Eisor, Teodor Genov - Pastedko, Yasen Zgurovski.

The works will be presented at the Little Bird Place Gallery and the creation process will be shown at the end of the exhibition, along with a series of educational videos on YouTube.

“The project Screen Print with Me is especially valuable for promoting screen printing techniques among artists and audiences. A technique in which, despite the serigraphic method of creating the works, each print is an original, distinguished by its uniqueness. The possibilities for experimenting with the superimposition of colours and shapes encourage the artists to rethink their creative process in a new way and the result is a living, bright and life-affirming aesthetics, in this case dedicated to ecology and the biological and natural world. Thus, each of the artists presents his personal mental and creative 'imprint', which has become a work that stimulates the audience to a pleasant and in-depth communication with art,” say Teodora Konstantinova and Radoslav Mehandzhiyski from the platform Art and Culture Today, curators of the exhibition.

Screen Print with Me is a project by Sito Studio in partnership with Art and Culture Today and Little Bird Place. It runs from 9 June until 20 June.

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