Scandalous! bTV journalist on protests: I’ll make something up!

An on-air blunder by a female bTV journalist has exposed the way the coverage of protests is being manipulated by a national TV network that has come to be known as Bozhkov TV because of its shameful dependencies on the fugitive gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov, who is hiding in Dubai after getting slapped with 18 felony charges.

While reporting live from the scene of the increasingly sparse protests, which are nevertheless still being covered by the network at the top of its news broadcast, journalist Kanna Racheva, seemingly unaware that she is back on air, can clearly be heard saying: “I don’t know about the protests abroad… I’ll make something up.” The footage makes it clear that her words were in response to something that the producers of the bTV newscast said in her earpiece from their seat at the network’s studios.

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