Scandal: Telegraph Media assaulted

Criminals, who were apparently upset by our reporting and disclosures, have sent a macabre warning to the deputy editor-in-chief of our publications, Natalia Radoslavova

Gangsters with hands trembling from fear because of our publications and disclosures, sent a macabre warning to the deputy editor-in-chief of our media outlets, Natalia Radoslavova (Finashkova).

Apparently upset by the uncompromising policy of our publications, the bandits launched their nefarious attack on Wednesday morning. When the journalist went out of her car in front of her home she saw a note on the windscreen of her Peugeot 206 - “You are in the way!” Obviously, these malicious people had lost their nerve and continued with their infernal plan. In the evening, after she finished work, Natalia Radoslavova found her car, parked at the corner of Ekzarch Yosif and Hristo Kovatchev streets, completely thrashed and ruined. There are two indisputable facts in this story - it has not happened by accident and no neighbourhood thugs have been involved in it. Nothing is missing from the car but the dashboard is broken, cables are torn out and whole parts are missing. However, all this has not been done for the purpose of theft because the broken articles were left at the back of the car. Apparently, the nefarious act is a follow-up in a comprehensive operation - from the morning signature all the way to the later ruined car.

The team of Telegraphs Media condemns this crime and qualifies it as an encroachment on freedom of speech. It is more than clear that these actions are meant to quiet the voice of free media. However, the team of Telegraph Media ranks high its uncompromising positions and continues to expose and bring to light the crimes of the oligarchy and its circles.

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