Scandal! Palfreeman tries to clear his criminal record

Victim’s father: Lozan Panov is destroying public trust in the judicial system

Jock Palfreeman

After Jock Palfreeman, sentenced to serve jail time for the murder of Bulgarian student Andrey Monov, was set free early thanks to a supreme court controlled by the oligarchy, now the Australian is trying another, even more scandalous move – to expunge the deed from his record. The media outlets owned by the shadowy circles in Bulgaria reported Wednesday that Palfreeman has requested that the case of the murder of student Andrey Monov be reopened.

His attorney filed a motion with the prosecutor general, dated 1 June, stating that his client did not kill Monov intentionally and in an act of hooliganism, a crime of which the court found him guilty and sentenced him to 20 years of imprisonment. Only part of the sentence had actually been served when Palfreeman was granted early release.

In his request for a new trial, Palfreeman also claims that camera footage was interpreted incorrectly and that the eyewitnesses – friends of the victim, Andrey Monov, covered up the truth. If the request is granted, Palfreeman will remain in Bulgaria to participate in the proceedings in person.

It is no coincidence that news of this provocation by the Australian broke on the day that Andrey’s father, Hristo Monov, gave a press conference to expose the behind-the-scenes ties of members of the judiciary that led to Palfreeman getting out of jail six and a half years before his sentence was served.

“During his term as minister of justice, Hristo Ivanov put Jock Palfreeman on a task force working on reforming the Act on Administering Punishment and Making Arrests as he was the head of the inmates’ association. It is like inviting a pedophile to efforts to amend pedophile legislation with the rationale that that person would have profound understanding of the problem,” Hristo Monov, father of Palfreeman’s victim and a former lawmaker, said at a briefing he called to comment on the early release of the Australian. In answering MP Petar Slavov’s formal question as to why the inmate was included in the task force, the former justice minister Hristo Ivanov justified his decision by repeatedly citing human rights as a reason.

Hristo Monov had criticism for the incumbent Minister of Justice Danail Kirilov as well because of the latter’s meeting with Palfreeman following his release from prison. “It is incomprehensible to me that a minister would take a meeting in his office with a murderer who is constantly blasting our country publicly. This is a big hit to the image of this cabinet,” Monov said. “There is a group of people who act as representatives of the so-called globalism, neoliberalism, which suffered the equivalent of a head-on collision with a freight train thanks to the onslaught of the pandemic and which is on a path of self-destruction. Mr Lozan Panov is a typical representative of this capturing of the state mechanisms by interests foreign to our country,” added Hristo Monov, father of Andrey Monov, who was stabbed and killed by Australian citizen Jock Palfreeman in downtown Sofia in 2007.

Hristo Monov was adamant that Panov is purposefully destroying public trust in the judicial system, hiding behind the argument of protecting human rights. He sees the scandal surrounding the music video shot in the Sofia Court House, which is managed by said head of the Supreme Court of Cassation, as the latest evidence of this circumstance. “The sooner Lozan Panov vacates his position, the better for all of us,” Hristo Monov commented.

He explained that the decision of the Sofia Court of Appeals (SCA) to grant Palfreeman early release is a sign of how Bulgarian institutions have been compromised. In his view, the court’s action was tantamount to hijacking the president’s power to pardon criminals. Following the court’s decision, then-Prosecutor General Sotir Tsatsarov requested that the case be reopened. At the end of May it was revealed that the Supreme Court of Cassation never even considered that request, allowing the Australian to remain free.

“In the future, such people could well decide to destroy political figures because they are not conducive to their interests. They openly criticise the Prosecutor’s Office because it stands in their way,” Monov said.

He noted that the panel of SCA judges, led by Judge Kalin Kalpakchiev, which ruled that the murderer of his son should be released six and a half years before his sentence was fully served, is completely illegitimate because of its strong ties to the non-governmental organisation Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC). Kalpakchiev has twice been given awards by the BHC, while the rapporteur on the case turned out to be one of the authors of a BHC report. The panel’s ruling cites BHC’s assessment of the supposed spiritual and moral catharsis experienced by the Australian instead of the character profile prepared by the Bulgarian authorities. The NGO has spared no effort in supporting Palfreeman since the very beginning of the trial, strongly incentivised by the family and close friends of the Australian, the grieving father explained.

“As someone who has worked in the field of psychology for 42 years, I can confidently say that Jock Palfreeman is a sociopath,” Monov said.

“There were these thick files with disciplinary procedures launched against him by the prison administration. He attacked corrections officers, fought for inmates to have access to porn channels,” Monov continued. He explained that Palfreeman’s behavior since his release from jail has also been inadequate. According to Monov, the former inmate has turned into a media celebrity. Moreover, not once during the trial did Palfreeman show remorse for his crime, Monov points out. “He believes in his righteousness, he was prepared to defame our country before the European Parliament, where he was invited by far-left and fascist parties. This is his notion of justice,” Hristo Monov said. He cited an American Psychiatric Association study that shows 86% of sociopathic killers who were released from prison went on to take more lives. “If Jock Palfreeman commits another serious offence, it should weigh on the conscience of the panel of judges, if they have any,” Monov added.

He called for the resignations of the three panel judges and vowed to keep applying public pressure. “If they are good legal minds – let them find another job,” Monov said, adding that he had no objections to the legal proceedings getting reopened, in relation to Palfreeman’s announcement on 3 June that he had filed a request with the prosecutor general asking precisely that.

It is no coincidence that the news about Palfreeman’s intentions was spread by the media outlets connected to the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. The killer of student Andrey Monov announced his intentions via a Facebook post that was immediately picked up by Prokopiev’s news website Dnevnik. From there it spread like wildfire across the mainstream media machine created by the behind-the-scenes clique as part of its strategy for propaganda and manipulations. That includes the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe, whose entire personnel consists of people tied to the oligarch. In its article on the subject, the outlet’s team conveniently based its text not on Palfreeman’s post, but on an old Dnevnik piece, once again proving its involvement in the shadowy mainstream media machine.

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