Sassoli asks for strong and unified response to the events in Belarus

Photo: EP David Sassoli.

Yesterday’s events regarding the forced landing of a Ryanair flight in Minsk, en route from Athens to Vilnius, are of unprecedented gravity, EP President David Sassoli stressed during his speech at the European Council meeting on Monday.

“President Lukashenko's regime has deprived Roman Protasevich and his companion of their liberty,” he underscored, adding: “We demand their immediate and unconditional release and the possibility for them to leave the country.

According to him, an international investigation is “undoubtedly needed” to verify whether air transport and passenger safety was jeopardised by a sovereign state and if there has been a violation of the Chicago Convention.

He urged for a strong, immediate and unified response. "The European Union must act without hesitation and punish those responsible. Tonight you have a great responsibility to show that the Union is not a paper tiger," Sassoli said to the EU leaders.

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