Samsung teases new 'clamshell' foldable phone concept

However, a lot of important questions about the design remain to be answered

The Galaxy Fold just went on sale a month ago, but at Samsung’s 2019 developers conference, the smartphone giant just released a teaser for its next foldable phone.

While Samsung didn’t reveal anything about its specs, price, or even a possible release date, Samsung’s next 'bendy' gadget features a very different design than the Galaxy Fold. Instead of opening up like a book, this prototype opens up lengthwise, like an old-school flip phone but with a fancy new flexible display.

Furthermore, Samsung’s upcoming foldable also looks to be significantly smaller than the Galaxy Fold. And based on the animation, Samsung seems to be opting for portability rather than trying to fit the biggest possible screen in a handheld package. Interestingly, this new foldable looks to have a hole-punch selfie camera embedded in its flexible display, which would be a first for any bendable device.

However, there are still a lot of important questions we need to know about this device. Will it feature a flexible display made out of plastic, or has Samsung figured out a way to use flexible glass in the way that some Galaxy Fold 2 rumours have mentioned? Another important unknown is if Samsung will be able to give this device dust and water resistance – both are things that the Galaxy Fold lacks. And hopefully, this device will cost significantly less than the £1,900 Galaxy Fold, lest it risks being another innovative, but still very niche product.

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