Samsung releases new SmartThings Tracker with LTE support

The device tracker utilizes a combination of GPS to help locate lost belogings

Photo: Samsung

Let's be real, keeping track of all your belongings can be a real challenge sometimes. Well, Samsung's new device aims to help you out. Company's SmartThings Tracker is a small, white puck that can help you monitor the location of whatever you want - keys, phone, bag, pets, kids – anything you can attach it to. Residing inside is a GPS tracker, battery, and an LTE-based cellular network.

Although there are a lot of similar tile trackers out there, Samsung beats its rivals, since the addition of LTE-M modem means commodities like lost keys, backpacks and other belongings can be found through a much broader range of settings than standard Bluetooth-enabled products.

Moreover, there is also a geofencing setting that lets the tracker double as an arrival sensor to help trigger different smart home functionality when the wearer gets home like for example turn on the lights when you get home or activate a security camera when you leave. When attached to something like a dog collar, meanwhile, it will set a notification when a pet has crossed a certain barrier. Samusung's device is water-resistant so it can perform in the rain and has a battery that reportedly lasts up to a week.

The product launches on Friday as an AT&T exclusive, with a Verizon version launching later in the year. It is compatible with Samsung’s existing SmartThings app (kind of a catchall for all things Samsung IoT) for Android and iOS.

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