Samsung leaks concept video of stylish AR glasses

The South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer has done it again

Photo: Twitter via WalkingCat (@_h0x0d_)

Samsung has leaked its first concept video for its Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that would soon debut, probably this year. The concept video leak goes ahead of Apple's debut for this year, despite the company being the first to be rumored and speculated for AR glasses for 2021.

The South Korean consumer electronics manufacturer has done it again, and this time, it is with the AR glasses concept video that recently leaked from a Twitter user named Walking Cat. The flagship Samsung Galaxy S21 was the first to debut for 2021, and the rivalry continues with the latest concept video and early look designs of wearable technology.

Augmented Reality incorporates technology into the real world through the lens, as it would let users see real-time, along with enhancements and floating or Heads Up Display (HUD) that provides description and more. Basically, an AR Glasses is like Tony Stark's weird-looking glasses from Marvel's "Iron Man" films which gives real-time information upon sight of the object.

According to Walking Cat's tweet (@_h0x0d_), a concept video from Samsung's research and development divisions (R&D) has been leaked and is now circulating online via Streamable's website and services. The latest AR glasses from Samsung have two versions and each one has its unique concept and technology for its function.

The first concept is the "Glasses Lite" AR Glasses which would be focused on everyday use, portability, and functionality from the South Korean tech giant. It would have a self-changing lens that may dim during a sunny walk, and clear up when in use during working hours, facing a computer or smartphone, or other functions.

On the other hand, another concept version suggests that Samsung's AR Glasses would be a three-dimensional (3D) version that would allow users to see a portable computer through the new lens. With these AR glasses, users could bring work with them, anytime and anywhere, by just activating the glasses' augmented reality function.

Samsung's latest AR Glasses concept is one of the highly advanced augmented reality features that was revealed by any technology company in the present, and it is the first of its kind. The concept may not necessarily be the final output or product from the company, but it would surely try its best to bring what it initially teased.

Samsung clearly went ahead of Apple with this leak, and it established somewhat a superiority as it debuted ahead of the Cupertino giant. While the device's features and functions are technologically advanced and impressive, take this with a grain of salt as these are only concept ideas and leaks from Samsung's R&D.

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