Samsung Galaxy S21 box may not include a charger and earphones

Following in Apple's footsteps, which recently launched the iPhone 12 that does not come with any of these accessories in the box, Samsung is also planning on ditching both the earphones and the charger from the Galaxy S21 box.

According to Korean media, such a move would apply to the entire lineup. And some insiders believe that even if Samsung doesn't ditch both, it could remove earphones from the box and ship the device with a charger only.

Apple has said that it has made this decision for environmental purposes. However, there has been no revision of the price. Its phones don't cost any less because they no longer come with a charger. This provides the company with an opportunity to increase its margins. Samsung is now believed to be thinking along the same lines.

Whether or not Samsung will reduce the price of the Galaxy S21 if it removes these accessories remains to be seen. The company would obviously be aiming to increase individual sales of its chargers and nudge customers towards buying its Galaxy Buds wireless earphones. It hence remains to be seen if the rumoured removal of in-box chargers will also affect non-flagship Samsung devices. Either way, this will help Samsung increase its margins on the device, even if it makes some fans disappointed.

But we will have to wait just a little while to see what would happen. Reports from Korean media have speculated the S21 series might launch as early as December this year, or as a new report from SamMobile claims - in January 2021, with first sales tipping-off later that month or early February.

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