Samsung demonstrates dual-folding phone concept in new video

The next foldable phone might transform into....your fanciest alarm clock

Photo: Android Police

Samsung's already got a nice little ecosystem of foldable smartphones going, with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the original Fold positioned as flagships, and the vertically-folding Galaxy Z Flip being the more affordable option. But the company's plans for foldables don't stop there, as a new concept video proves. 

In a new YouTube video on Tuesday, Samsung Display showed off new display technologies, and that includes several foldables as well as several other cool gadgets. The video kicks off with perhaps the most interesting among these is a dual-folding phone – or S-Foldable as Samsung calls it –  a phone equipped with thrilling display that could become an alarm clock once draped over a dock to display the time, videos, and more. It's also capable of shrinking into a shirt pocket or expanding into a full-size tablet. 

In the video we get a good look of the device from all sides, and at one point, we even see its dual hinges working their magic. The video also gives a glimpse of a rollable phone (Samsung calls it "slidable"), the right side of which can easily be expanded for more screen estate. 

We also get to see a dual-display laptop – similar to Lenovo's Yoga Book – with the lower part dynamically changing from display to game controller to keyboard.  And at one point, Samsung shows a laptop with nearly non-existent bezels, which is achieved by using an invisible, under-panel camera as the webcam. 

These are, however, all just concepts, and there's no indication that they'll become actual products soon, or ever. Yet, the technologies to create all of these are actually here right now, so I wouldn't be too surprised if some of these products show up in real life fairly soon. 

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