Ryanair postpones Boeing 737-MAX deliveries

Photo: EPA

The low-cost carrier Ryanair announced it may postpone the first deliveries of Boeing 737-MAX jets, Reuters reported. The announcement follows a delay in the certification of a version of the jet designed for the airline. The Irish airline is the largest European customer for the MAX jets and is still waiting for Boeing to provide a date for the delivery of its first plane, a 197-seat MAX200, and will decide then if it can take it during its busy summer season.

"We need a definitive date as to when we're going to get the airplane and then we've got to decide ... whether that suits us to take them or not because in the normal course of events we don't take aircraft in the summer months," said Eddie Wilson, chief executive of Ryanair DAC, the main airline in the Ryanair Group.

Wilson said the delay was related to the certification of the MAX200 model, which has an extra door to allow more passengers than the standard model, and appeared to hinge on the relationship between Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration. Asked about the comments, a Boeing spokeswoman said: "We continue to work closely with Ryanair to deliver their first 737-8-200s.” Ryanair was initially due to take delivery of its first MAX two years ago before the jet was grounded for 20 months after two fatal crashes. Since then the airline has announced repeated delays, cutting its planned deliveries in time for use in summer 2021 from 40 to 16 to possibly zero. Group Chief Executive Michael O'Leary said he was upset with Boeing and did "not necessarily believe" a promise from the US firm to deliver the first plane before the end of May.

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