Rotund internet troll working for Prokopiev lies on air

The “mainstream” first replaces the truth in Google with lies, then cites the fabrications

Did you know that there is a Bulgarian “politician”, who uses the Google search engine like a public register? A place where he can procure “evidence” against the enemies of his bosses (oligarchs who control mainstream media and employ talking heads like him to discredit said enemies).

You have doubts about it? The self-confession essentially made on bTV by Ivo Mirchev, an ardent Yes, Bulgaria activist, should be enough to convince you.

The rotund pseudo-politician, who is among the biggest trolls working for the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, appeared on one of the favourite platforms of the masters of the mainstream to spout poorly masked lies. Used to being in service of oligarchs like Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev and other shadowy figures, just like his party, Mirchev threw himself into the role of Scheherazade spinning tales with abandon in an attempt to cover up the truth about his bosses.

And the simple truth is that the oligarchs have been sucking society dry for the past 30 years - from a criminally conducted privatisation process to syphoning off entire banks and latching onto some of the most important sectors of the economy such as the energy industry and healthcare. Now that the chickens have come to roost, the oligarchs are trying to pin everything on someone else.

This someone is a popular target of theirs – lawmaker of the opposition party MRF and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. He is a source of anxiety for the indicted bosses and their fragile corrupted souls because of his legislative initiatives stemming their schemes and his media outlets exposing their shady deals. Hence, the impassioned appearance of Mirchev on national TV. It was perfectly by design, of course. He spewed not just absurdities but lies, for which he could easily be sued for libel.

Actually, no – that last one is hard to do in a country captured by people like Hristo Ivanov, Prokopiev and Lozan Panov, who have a tight hold on the judicial system. Let us not kid ourselves – Bulgarian courts have been in the hands of the oligarchs for years, loyally serving their every interest. This is why it surprised no one to hear that former Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov set up the Supreme Judicial Council with a system for random administration of cases that was vulnerable to manipulations and handed his bosses the remote control. For their part, they are fully taking advantage of the situation, as evidenced by the fact that a convenient judge was assigned to the Nikolay Malinov case and quickly proceeded to allow the gentleman charged with spying for Russia to visit Moscow. Malinov is a loyal associate of Tsvetan Vassilev and a bunch of Kremlin oligarchs. If a full-fledged investigation was ever carried out, it would probably reveal what other cases crucial for the state have been “randomly” assigned to the right judges.

Mirchev and Yes, Bulgaria are keeping silent about that, though. Google must lack information about it.

But there is no shortage of lies about Peevski and imaginary companies with hundreds of millions in loans from the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) – fabrications with which Prokopiev and his minions like Ivo Mirchev are making sure to inundate the search engine. They have been doing it for years, built an entire Fake News Factory with the publications funded by the oligarchy – just so they can replace the truth with lies.

This explains why when asked about the sources of his information, Mirchev proudly threw himself onto the lobbed conversational hand grenade like a veritable Matrosov and responded, “It is there, in Google.”

We know how these things work, comrade Mirchev. This is the manner in which the mainstream operates. We have described it numerous times over the years but it does not hurt to remind it again.  

Someone from the Capital circle (more often than not) sharpens his pencil, doesn’t give a damn about decency, morals or conscience and thinks up the next in a row ghastly thing about Peevski not grounded in any facts. Afterwards, the chain of the oligarchic sites is being set in motion and copy-pastes these tall stories. In the long run, the talking heads on the indicted oligarchs’ payroll come out with their publications repeating the lies in the mainstream media of Ivo Prokopiev which he controls, according to his own public confessions. It is a real Goebbels-like propaganda machine and its gear-wheels are all too familiar to all of you.

Capital and Dnevnik run by Prokopiev lay the foundation for this Fake News Factory along with Mediapool, their satellite site sustained by the former spokesperson for Ivan Kostov, Stoyana Georgieva. All of these media outlets are occupied by the staffers of Prokopiev, among them are the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe, the actual private press centre of Tsvetan Vassilev, Club Z of pharmaceutical lord Ognyan Donev and Sega of natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev. Their assistants are a whole bunch of political talk shows’ hosts of several TV channels on payroll of the behind-the-scenes clique who for a handful of money are ready to promote the talking points of the oligarchy instead of defending the interests of the Bulgarian society.       

And finally, after this Fake News Factory spewed out the next commissioned fake, the trolls of Prokopiev took it up and spread it on the peripheral sites, social networks and then on Google. And whenever someone asks them to provide evidence the stinking liars such as Mirchev puff their cheeks, blush like Prokopiev on the wrong side of the bar and wholeheartedly announce, “Google has it!”

As it is apparent that the talking points promoted by Mirchev have not been enough to exhaust the topic, we would like to try and ask a question while he has to sit down and read a little before answering. Has the “independent” party Yes, Bulgaria (comprised only of the family members and friends of the behind-the-scenes figures in Bulgaria) tried to launch a probe into Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Sasho Donchev, Ognyan Donev and (pardon our blasphemy) Ivan Kostov? 

Have you heard about the town of Merichleri and the genocide which Prokopiev committed against the local population to reap a profit of several millions? Have they checked up the connections of Lozan Panov, Kalin Kalpakchiev and Hristo Ivanov with all of these indicted bosses? Have they ever investigated Tsvetan Vassilev who is guilty of CorpBank collapse and its secondary plundering to the benefit of these same indicted bosses? Are the pinheads of Yes, Bulgaria aware that the Prosecutor’s Office virtually closed down Telegraph newspaper following only one prosecutor’s signature and why this fact is so conveniently omitted when they stream up the lies about who controls the public prosecution?

Don’t you worry, comrade Mirchev. We know that you will not be able to answer these questions because no talking points have been sent down to you. In the meanwhile, we implore – please, do make a reference with the public registers and find evidence to prove that Peevski has unpaid loans to the BDB. We are looking forward to seeing these documents.

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