Romania with new coronavirus record

The number of coronavirus infections in Romania rose on Thursday by a record amount for a second consecutive day, the government said adding that a number of small towns could be placed under local quarantine, news wires reported. Other countries in southern Europe and the Balkans also saw spikes in new cases in recent days.

Romania’s new cases were 1,112, taking confirmed cases to 41,275 since the pandemic reached the country in late February. Some 2,126 people have died. The previous top was 1,030 new cases, recorded on Wednesday. The country has extended a state of alert until the mid-August and several European countries have reinstated travel restrictions for Romanians.

A legislative void that enabled thousands of infected people to walk out of hospitals or not be treated at all for most of July was in part responsible for the hike. The void has since been solved through a new parliamentary bill. Another reason was a relative lack of compliance with social distancing rules and wearing protective masks in closed spaces.

On Wednesday, Health Minister Nelu Tataru criticised attempts to make light of the pandemic and mislead people into not following the rules. “We are going through a difficult moment. As long as we have these negationist trends, this slighting of the three-four months during which everybody followed some rules ... it will remain difficult,” Tataru told reporters.

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