Romania’s former PM Ludovic Orban seeks another term

Former Romania’s PM Ludovic Orban, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL), has informed his would-be ruling partners, the reformist block USR-PlUS and UDMR leaders, in a private meeting, that he aims to get another term, for which he needs the support of all the three parties in the coalition, reported. Orban resigned earlier this month after his party's disappointing performance in parliamentary elections.

Last week, the Liberals decided to support finance minister Florin Citu for prime minister. However, the coalition parties failed to reach an agreement on supporting Citu's nomination due to disagreements on who would lead the Parliament's chambers. More precisely, Orban asked the Chamber of Deputies speaker position for himself while USR-PLUS co-president Dan Barna also targeted this seat. USR-PLUS argued that the Liberals shouldn't get all the top seats in the Government and Parliament.

On Tuesday, Dan Barna proposed that the coalition parties' three leaders should all be part of the Government as deputy prime ministers.  But his scenario with three deputy prime ministers was not received well by the other two partners in the coalition.

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