Rodin gift to Monet was sold for 108,000 euros

Both 19th-century artists were close friends

A small sculpture given by Auguste Rodin to Claude Monet was sold at auction in Cannes on Wednesday for ‎€108,000, fetching more than its estimated price of ‎€80-100,000. The two 19th-century artists were born just two days apart and were close friends.

Signed by Rodin and dedicated to "the great master, Claude Monet", the plaster was bought by Paris's Musée Marmottan, where it was recently on show as part of the exhibition Monet Collector. The unique piece depicts two Bacchantes, female devotees of the Greek god of wine, Bacchus, passionately entwined.

"A subject of unlimited inspiration allowing the expression of inebriation, ecstasy, overwhelming passions and other taboos," according to the Besch Cannes auction house.

The piece, one of the very few sculptures in Monet's collection, was among several artworks sold by the great impressionist's descendants on Wednesday. Others included nine drawings by Monet himself, some of which sold for ‎€20,000, as well as a paintbox that the family believes he used. A drawing by French impressionist Eugène Boudin sold for ‎€7,800, while an oil painting, Eucalyptus, by Camille Pissaro's son, Lucien, fetched more than ‎€33,000.

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