Ridiculous parroting along Comintern rhythm

It is official, President Rumen Radev wants all the power

The first part of the three-part vision for the future of the country that is the National Strategic Document project, which President Rumen Radev presented yesterday, is nothing more than muscle flexing.

Let us call a spade a spade: the president may parrot what the chairperson of his council, a man best known as former Agent Master of the State Security, and another former agent who blocked the underground lines a few days ago tell him, but hardly anyone will believe that they are the right people to lead us to a better and brighter future. Anyone can see the Comintern influences in the ideas and actions of these figures, who have obviously not forgotten how to commit terrorist acts Bolshevik style. This is why we are not surprised in the least that the first part of the document is nothing more than a prelude to the appearance of “The Saviour”. Normally, such documents are read out loud once the coup has been completed. However, the president seems to lack the gumption to give up the presidency and lead the people. He is like a monkey that cannot let go of its liana before it has grabbed ahold of the next one for fear of falling into the abyss. In what world is the current Bulgarian head of state, who has long abandoned his duty to unite the nation, living? It is simple, Radev is simultaneously trying to incite the people to riot and lure them into giving him all the power. Never mind the fact that he would have never spoken up if those recordings had not come out, spurring accusation that some of his advisors have used agencies and magistrates for personal agenda. This and the shadow of the retired Russian general Reshetnikov, who personally approved Radev’s presidential candidacy, must be a hard pill to swallow for most Bulgarians still. So Radev would do better to not poke the bear and risk an impeachment procedure and instead go back to his gilded cage. It is one thing to want something, another thing to be able to do it and a completely different thing to actually go ahead and do it, as the Bulgarian saying goes and it absolutely applies to Radev. These are the three parts that matter – not in his pseudo-strategy, but in real life. 

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