Revelation: #WHO attacks Peevski

The oligarchy’s barons issue a “Show no mercy” order because of his media outlets

The mafia in Bulgaria has yet again gone after lawmaker from the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. Not a day goes by without the media outlets of the oligarchy’s barons spouting yet another lie about the MP. This vicious campaign has been going on for more than 10 years, and its orchestrators must have ran out of ideas a long time ago because they are now constantly abusing the same themes. To get to the bottom of this vile mesh of lies, false reports, defamation tactics and outright fabrications, it is best to look at it through the prism of the basic journalistic questions designed to uncover the objective truth.


The first and most important question is always WHO? In this case, even though there are dozens of characters involved, the singular form is especially appropriate – WHO is the oligarchy in Bulgaria, that behind-the-scenes clique tangled up in bloody, communist, security agency, political and economic ties that has been sucking the lifeblood out of the public? This mafia organism has its faces – the barons of the country’s murky transition to democracy, who became millionaires overnight and would go on to leech taxpayers’ money on a daily basis. The bank created by the powers that be was practically gifted to Tsvetan Vassilev, and he managed to syphon off BGN 5.6bn through it – dirty money stolen from the defrauded CorpBank depositors and the state. The kaolin business and mainstream media were handed to the shadowy clique’s wonderboy Ivo Prokopiev, who proceeded to turn said natural resource into death for regular folks (like the citizens of the town of Merichleri) and the media – into weapons wielded to bash the inconvenient, those who dare to investigate the wrongdoings of those outlets’ masters. Gambling and the business of sinister assignments were left to the now blood-stained puppeteer Vasil Bozhkov, who held the state at gunpoint for 30 years so he could plunder its coffers like a veritable Ali Baba. The pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev, who was put in charge of drugs, has been taking taxpayers’ healthcare money ever since. Loyal comrade Sasho Donchev was placed in control of natural gas, and from that point on he has been fleecing Bulgarian people under the benevolent eye of his Kremlin cronies and the mentor of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria, former PM Ivan Kostov. The former premier, who is the brains behind and the perpetrator of the biggest heist in the country’s history – the criminally conducted privatisation process – is the biggest supporter of the shadowy figures in Bulgaria. Nowadays he comes out of his lair only to demand that society apologise (bow) to him or to explain that everyone in the country is related and that unfortunately people have short memory (that is what he counts on at least).


All these barons of the Bulgarian Camorra have built a veritable army of pawns they have inserted in the government administration to work against the interests of the general public: media outlets that lie to benefit their bosses and attack the inconvenient; captured public institutions, with Prokopiev even handpicking people to become ministers; a court on a leash, which does the oligarchy’s bidding; political projects that do not care about the Bulgarian people’s problems and are used by their mentors as an instrument to gain power; NGOs and troll networks that suffocate civil society in Bulgaria. These are the oligarchs’ creations and they use them to benefit themselves exclusively.


“There is no left or right”, the rallying cry that Vasil Bozhkov has been using to call on people to protest outside the president’s headquarters, is a pretty fitting description for the Bulgarian Camorra leaders’ mode of operation. It makes no difference if the attack is carried out via the now supposedly independent former Bulgarian Socialist Party member Maya Manolova, the wooden boy of the urban right – Hristo Ivanov – or even President Rumen Radev, who has been turned into a parrot by the Capital circle. The main objective is for all of them to repeat the talking points of the behind-the-scenes clique even in the absence of a single document or evidence to support those. Because if Radev had any evidence that Peevski is bad, corrupted, a wrongdoer or someone who has captured the state, this figurehead president controlled by the oligarchy would have pulled it out at any moment over the course of his now 800 days in office. The silence on the issue of evidence is deafening, just like it is on a number of other topics – like the fact that Peevski is among the most frequently audited people in Bulgaria, and that every single inspection has invariable come to the conclusion that the opposition lawmaker has not broken the law.                    


Do not let a day go by without some fake news piece about Peevski – that is the unofficial slogan of the mainstream media machine controlled by Ivo Prokopiev. The kaolin king must be paying his minions by the number of fake news pieces because any given falsehood is picked up by various publications part of the machine for manipulations. For example, let’s say Tsvetan Vassilev gives an interview to one of his favourite courtier journalists – Yavor Dachkov – at the beginning of the week, five days later a retelling of his story, expanded with some commentary, pops up in the Bulgarian desk of Radio Free Europe, for example, which has been captured by Prokopiev. The important thing is to keep the attack going and employ the Goebbels principle that a lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth.


The Bulgarian Camorra currently acting against the state has quite the international flavour. Faraway destinations like Singapore, Dubai and Belgrade serve as safe havens to its members where they can hide from accumulated debt and the justice system nipping at their heels. The oligarchy is also tight with another foreign country – Russia – its members entangled in convoluted ties with and dependencies on people like the Kremlin oligarch Konstantin Malofeev and KGB general Leonid Reshetnikov, the latter of who supported Rumen Radev running for president. The two Russians have been banned from entering Bulgaria for a period of 10 years because of their so-called Plan Bulgaria, whose goal was to steer the country away from the EU and back into the Russian family fold. The plot was supposed to be carried out with money stolen from CorpBank.


The most important question, and one that is probably on every reader’s mind is “Why Peevski?” Because he publishes several of the few free media outlets in the country, and they are not afraid to shed light on the oligarchy’s shady deals. For years, the Telegraph Media publications have been conducting journalistic investigations illuminating the disease that are the oligarchic schemes, which have moved public money to the pockets of a handful of behind-the-scenes players. We have investigated every wrongdoing you can imagine – from the briefcases full of money handed to the communist faithful and the criminally conducted privatsation process to the Bulgarian Camorra’s latest attempts to topple the government so it can fully take the reins of the country. Neither efforts to get our publications shut down, nor the slander and lies churned out by the Capital circle can deter us. The mafia would like nothing better than for the code of silence to be kept, so it will always try to do away with the inconvenient people, those who speak the truth.

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