Restored historic train line to connect Berlin with Prague and Vienna

Starting on Tuesday, a new train service will connect Berlin and Dresden with Prague, Vienna and Graz, restoring the historic Vindobona service. The new connection is a cooperation between Deutsche Bahn (DB), Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and Czech Railways (CD), news wires reported.

According to DB, the train will run on the route of the "Vindobona" express, a connection from Berlin to Vienna via Dresden and Prague which operated from 1957 to 2014. The Vindobona, named after the first Roman settlement on the Danube river, was initially known for its trains considered to be extremely comfortable and modern for their time.

Originally, the restored train connection - to be renamed as the "Railjet" - was supposed to resume operation on 5 May, but was delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak. "By the end of June, we will resume international long-distance traffic to all countries. This is a further step towards normality," said DB long-distance transport boss Michael Peterson.

The new Railjet service means that there will be an additional early morning connection from Berlin to Dresden and a new late connection in the opposite direction, bringing the number of journeys between the two cities to 30 a day.

The trains will be maintaining their historical comfort with, among other things, on-board gastronomy, power connections and free Wifi, according to Peterson. In 2018, the previously longstanding Berlin-Vienna overnight train also made a comeback, transporting passengers from the German capital to Austrian capital in 10 hours.

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