Restart of system takes off guises of oligarchs, throws them in panic

The ringleaders of behind-the scenes clique are in a stalemate with two choices, but the same outcome

Vasil Bozhkov, Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev (L-R)

The Bulgarian oligarchs have been shaking since yesterday. Even if a bomb had fallen on their palaces, which were paid with plundered from us money, it would still not have caused them such a shock and horror. Since Prime Minister Boyko Borissov announced the proposal to convene a Grand National Assembly, all the bolts and cogs of behind-the-scenes manipulation machine started spewing on one and the same talking point - that this idea was a replacement, and not a change. Comically refuting in their panic not anyone else but themselves. You don't believe it? Let's see now:

14 October 2015. "I hope that opinion of the Venice Commission will have a sanitising role in the debate on amendments to the Constitution," said the then Prokopiev's Minister of Justice and current strawman leader of his party Yes, Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov.

15 August 2020. In a TV appearance (fourth in a row in less than a day) in Bozhkov TV, as bTV became popular, Ivanov defeated the ideas for changes in the judiciary, based namely on the Venice Commission’s recommendations, on the grounds that they were "smokescreen". By the way, Pinocchio is far from being the only one expiriencing a schizophrenic situation to refute himself with the hope that society can not remember. Both the mainstream media and the spokespersons of the indicted and charged oligarchs have fallen into the same psychopathic cycle. Starting with the flagships of their manipulation machine outlets Capital and Dnevnik, passing through the organisers of the paid protests from the so-called "Poisonous Trio", whose main demand was supposedly a change of the Constitution, but they withdrew from it at the moment it became clear that it was about to happen, and reaching to President Rumen Radev, who came out and briefly, just like Ara, the parrot, repeated once again the talking points posted on Facebook a little earlier by the gambling boss with 19 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov.

What causes these panic reactions? The explanation is more than prosaic - the fact that for normal citizens of the country, this restart means a new beginning after 30 years of stealing from their pockets. But for oligarchs who plundered both our money and our democracy, this word has only one meaning - collapse. Moreover, it means the end. Of their robberies. Of their bluster. Of draining the state and the public resources. Of their sense of impunity. Of their escape from retribution through personal judges, headed by the chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov.

The demands for restarts are not from yesterday. Our society wants this new beginning for years, because for years, it has been revolving in the vicious circle of replacement, realised through changing figureheads, but with the same conductors - the oligarchs, who were born during the bandit transition to democracy period.

They present the behind-the-scene clique, which mimics in various forms over the decades, polishing its image through a whole guard of funded under the table media, GMO parties and NGO networks, but retains its bandit-nomenclature nature. We all know who these people are. We hardly need to remind how Ivo Prokopiev woke up a millionaire and kaolin king overnight, and in a few years, he  became a multimillionaire due to our inflated electricity bills. How the gas baron Sasho Donchev stood on both outputs and inputs of the blue fuel pipe, earning tens of millions in his fat bills from both places. How the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev became a king of the pills, taking our health, literally. How Tsvetan Vassilev turned a bank into a financial pyramid and then drained the billions like a pharaoh and fled with them abroad. How Vasil Bozhkov became a billionaire with gambling gifts and "saved" fees belonging to the treasury for over BGN 700 million. How all these people became oligarchs thanks to the supposedly blue capitalist - right-wing Ivan Kostov, who put into effect the covenants of the red capitalist – left-wing Andrey Lukanov. This behind-the-scenes clique was born in the darkness of the replaced transition to democracy period and it can be sent back there only after restart. Now, when the leader of the ruling party finally matured for demands of the society for a new beginning, the oligarchs understood that the end was on the way. Hristo Ivanov and his ilk started singing falsely with their talking points in the last breaths to preserve the status quo.

Judicial reform, you see, did not require a Grand National Assembly. Decreasing the number of lawmakers would reduce the representation of citizens. The ideas were an attempt for replacement. Increasingly untenable and impudent statements, which show only the helplessness of people who see that the swindling is not only slipping through their fingers, but the retribution for it is coming.

Because both Pinocchio and his mentors know that elections for a Grand National Assembly will actually return to the Voter their inherent right to say what our democracy in general and what our judiciary in particular should look like. And the Constitution will be drawn by lawmakers, as half of them will be elected proportionally, and the other half - by majority, which guarantees in itself the widest possible representation. While making even lower the chances of oligarchic formations with electoral support, limited to the families of the party members like Yes, Bulgaria, to be able to get to the parliamentary board. Thus, the oligarchy is in fact faced with an existentially stalemate. Because the backstage ringleaders Vasil Bozhkov, Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev&Co always have the opportunity to stand in the elections by majority in a panic attempt to stop the restart, but they know that even if they stop using hired people, they will be thrown out by the voter. Finally, they will find themselves where they belong – fallen in oblivion by society, but not forgotten by justice.

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