Requiem by Verdi in Bulgaria Hall once again

Friedrich Pfeiffer

On Holy Thursday, the Sofia Philharmonic traditionally presents one of the world's most moving pieces of music - Requiem by Verdi. On 25 April, the audience in Bulgaria Hall will have the pleasure of hearing the interpretation of Austrian conductor Friedrich Pfeiffer, who has earned European-wide acclaim with his versions of Verdi's works.

The soloists - Evgenia Ralcheva (soprano), Violeta Radomirska (mezzosoprano), Mihail Mihaylov (tenor) and Ivaylo Dzhurov (bass) - were personally cast by the artistic advisor to the Sofia Philharmonic Ioan Holender because of the fresh quality of their voices and their emotional performances. They will share the stage with the National Philharmonic Choir, which dazzled experts in the previous presentation of Requiem in Bulgaria Hall.

Verdi's iconic work has stood the test of time thanks to its brilliant music and the philosophical questions it raises. The composer uses a dramatic intensity characteristic of his operas to paint the chilling image of Death, leading us to the truth that there is no other source of hope but us. Only those who have arrived at that realisation come out enlightened and ennobled.

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