Reporters’ lies without borders: Peevski does not have a sister

Delyan Peevski

“Talk about him having a promiscuous woman for a sister, and let him prove that he does not have a sister at all” is a tried-and-tested mechanism of defaming. On that score, the international organisation with shady connections Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has once again remained true to its style by serving yet another dish of lies and manipulations about “Peevski’s sister” in the form of a report.

The so-called reporters have yet again overstepped any sort of bounds by, instead of using facts, summarising the insinuations spread by a select number of media outlets and organisations that are serving the interests of several Bulgarian oligarchs. Perhaps that is why the Bulgarian section of the report prepared by the international organisation looks like it has been made in one of the Fake News Factory’s production facilities.   

Peevski “does not have a sister”. And if Pauline Adès-Mével, who heads the RSF eastern Europe and Balkans desk, has somehow missed that fact, that is on her. Just admit it, Ms Mével, what makes you serve private interests? Fake news can be a really heavy burden. You do not need to shoulder it alone. It is obvious that you have been deceived and lied to by those who feed information to the “reporters without borders” so that the latter can embellish their inaccurate report. These people act premeditatedly and cunningly: they do not discredit themselves, as they remain deeply anonymous; they discredit the entire RSF, though. If it were a one-time thing, we could chalk it up to coincidence. But we are dealing with systematic subversion efforts that could have dangerous consequences.

The reputation of the RSF was irreversibly damaged when it wrongly led the international community to believe that a purely criminal act in Bulgaria – the rape and murder of Rousse TV host Viktoria Marinova – was connected to the victim’s journalist work. This lie popped up on the organisation’s website and even though it has been disproved and refuted multiple times since then, it served the same interests that now would have everyone (except the men pulling the strings and their clique) believe that the Bulgarian section of the RSF report is the Gospel. No, it is not. And no matter what it says, it does not have the power to create a sister of publisher Delyan Peevski where there is none, or a collection of “daily newspapers, TV channels and news websites” under his control, for that matter. However, familial loyalty is being demonstrated by a group of publications and “reporters without borders” close to them, who are churning out lies. They are doing this, knowing full well that readers are trusting beyond reason and will not go to the trouble of fact-checking.

And the facts show that from the very outset the RSF report is based on unverified information. It is unbecoming of a supposedly professional organisation to be so naïve, amateurish and blindly trusting when being handed unconfirmed information. The publisher of Telegraph Media officially owns four Bulgarian publications – Telegraph, Monitor, Politika and Meridian Match – as well as the group’s digital platform Monitor News Agency. The report features only two of those, plus it has the media group wrong. To top it all off, a non-existent connection with other publications is pinned on Peevski. Is there any sort of evidence shown? No. This is why the publications are also not mentioned by name, but rather referred to as some unspecified multitude. The conclusion reached about these “connections” is presented in a conspiracy-building and manipulative fashion. However, it is no secret that these publications exist and that they act in cooperation. They are so obviously cut from the same cloth, even though they are supposed to be owned by different people. They are controlled by true oligarchic publishers such as Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev. Have you heard of them, dear “reporters”? Have you ever written about them? We cannot seem to remember reading a report that revealed these dependencies.

Unlike the RSF people, we know perfectly well what kind of interests drive Ivo Prokopiev’s newspapers Capital and Denvnik, Sasho Donchev’s daily Sega, Stoyana Georgieva’s website Mediapool, Ognyan Donev’s website Club Z, the Bulgarian section of Deutsche Welle, Radio Free Europe ran by Ivan Bedrov and Polina Paunova, Bivol ran by Atanas Chobanov and Assen Yordanov, and all the other fake-news-spreading online media outlets. We will continue to show society who is hiding behind the mask of paid journalism.

With all the grandstanding about how up-to-date it is, the report actually stumbles right out of the gate with unverified information. Can you at least check the name of our media group, please? You are clearly unaware of it. It is obvious what newspapers never feed information to Reporters Without Borders – ours.  

Dear RSF people, if you can spare some time before touching up some old report built on notes and talking points provided by Prokopiev & Co. next year, we will gladly accompany you to any Bulgarian newsstand. There, you will see the piles of Pras-Press published by cartoonists Hristo Komarnitski, Chavdar Nikolov and Chavdar Georgiev. We will tell you about where each of them worked before, who paid their salaries and whom they used to depict in their cartoons under orders. We will let you draw your own conclusions. Your reports mention “favourite targets” and that might be the only thing we agree on. Yes, these paid cartoonists shoot at particular targets, but their bullets are blanks and their newspaper of satire is not selling well at all. So the issues of their comically naïve and supposedly banned publication go for recycling. The reporters without borders can lie about all sorts of transparent and opaque connections, they can also peddle oligarchic interests, but they cannot make readers trust them the way they do us.     

If the RSF wants to tie its boat to a bunch of indicted Bulgarian oligarchs, we have no power to stop it. Whether these reporters want to concoct poorly patched-up reports in partnership with the oligarchs is their decision and, ultimately, their responsibility.

Just for the record: is it without border or without spines?



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