RegioStars: The public pick Nyiregyhaza CityWalk project

Photo: Maria Koleva

At the RegioStars ceremony, the Brussels' night of the “Oscars” that highlights smart Cohesion Policy projects, the special pick of the public was the Nyiregyhaza CityWalk project in Hungary. This initiative is running in 9 countries of the Danube Region under Interreg Programme and is dedicated to establishing walkable cities.

Amazingly accessible for all, Nyiregyhaza proved to be one of the most walkable and clean towns in Europe. And safer - day and night. The mayor of the city, Ferenc Kovacs, together with the project team, can tell a score of success stories on how to improve the walkability and bikeability in the towns.

The winner in the category 'Promoting digital transformation' was Energy Cells GR. This is a cross-border cooperation project between Germany, Belgium, France and Luxembourg for sustainable energy consumption and innovative renewable energy production. The trophy for 'Connecting green, blue and grey' went to CobBauge, from France and UK. The initiative was awarded for the development of walling material using earth and fibres.

The Polish online platform Good Support which connects the inhabitants of the Zachodniopomorskie region to local social services got the prize for 'Combatting inequalities and poverty'.

The brightest RegioStar for 'Building climate-resilient cities' is Climate Active Neighbourhoods. It is a joint Belgian, French, German, Dutch and UK project that promotes locally-led strategies to increase energy efficiency for households in deprived urban areas.

Orsi Academy of Belgium is this year's champion for 'Modernising health services'. This is a training and expertise centre in the field of new techniques in minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery.

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