Red crocodiles, BDB and lies about Delyan Peevski

Do you know how billions can disappear overnight and a state can wake up with skyrocketing hyperinflation? Perhaps not, but you can always fill in the blanks by questioning former vice-PM and minister of economic development in Videnov’s infamous cabinet Rumen Gechev, who has risen from the ashes of the 1990s bank collapses after socialist leader Kornelia Ninova personally installed him as BSP lawmaker and vice-chair of the budgetary commission at the current National Assembly. 

He has a deep understanding of how lenders can turn up empty in no time, with depositor accounts syphoned off. After all, a dozen of banks collapsed in this exact way under his benevolent oversight. 

Someone like him talking about banks is beyond inappropriate. But the sad truth is that Gechev is back. And he is giving interviews left and right, spouting one lie after the other, obviously hoping that the public has short memory. This time the lies concern the latest target of the oligarchy – the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB). “The same “crocodiles” are circling the BDB – the people making decisions there are the same at their core, the faces have changed but not the origins,” the socialist lawmaker said in an interview with the website Fakti, which has established itself as part of the mainstream media machine ran by indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his associates, also charged and indicted oligarchs masquerading as publishers. Then Gechev goes down the list of fake theses that are being spread at the orders of the aforementioned Prokopiev, supposed right-winger but actually a left-winger: that the BDB was under the umbrella of the ministry of economy, which is supposedly once again headed by a “minister serving Peevski”.

Does this sound familiar to you? It should because just a day earlier Hristo Ivanov, another closeted left-winger, former justice minister and current leader of the Prokopiev-affiliated political party with voter support hovering around the statistical error Yes, Bulgaria, was spouting the same false, completely unsubstantiated talking points outside of the Ministry of Economy. The right-left collaboration going on between the behind-the-scenes clique’s puppets masked as politicians was clearly exposed at the paid protests of the last couple of days. No surprises there.

The only surprising thing is that among all those lies, Gechev actually uttered something true – BDB is circled by the same crocodiles indeed. But they are red in colour.

Delyan Peevski does not have his own people among the ministers in the current cabinet and has never had in any of the previous ones. He does not have people in the BDB management or loans from that lender, for that matter. The same cannot be said for Gechev’s guardian angel – socialist leader Kornelia Ninova, who was revealed to own, through loyal senior BSP members, a Halkidiki hotel worth tens of millions of euro, which was acquired with a BDB loan (See here). Another case is the rightwing oligarch of leftwing nomenclature descent Ivo Prokopiev, who personally orchestrated the smear campaign that lead to the reshuffling at the top of the bank so he can install there his own man, Panayot Filipov, as executive officer (See here). Prokopiev’s goal is to gain control of the BGN 700m set aside by the state for assisting citizens and businesses during the crisis caused by COVID-19, hoping to get a 10% commission on the allocation of the money.          


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