Radev unmasked: Rides protest wave again, tries to reignite it with yet another call to riot

On the fifteenth day of protests President Rumen Radev once again rode the wave of social unrest. The head of state went out among the crowd yet again to call for a riot in an attempt to reenergise the increasingly sparse ranks of protesters.

In doing so, he once again proved that he is a puppet of the charged and indicted oligarchs who want to undermine the public institutions in Bulgaria so they can avoid being held accountable for their crimes (See here). The orchestrator of the script that has been playing out for the past two weeks is gambling tzar Vasil Bozhkov (See here), who is currently hiding in Dubai after defrauding the state coffers out of BGN 700m and getting slapped with 18 felony counts. His accomplices from the behind-the-scenes clique are the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev along with their network of NGOs, mouthpieces and GMO parties as well as their mainstream media machine churning out fake news.

Even though on Thursday the council meeting of the ruling coalition parties decided to undertake reshuffling in five ministries, Radev reiterated the talking points already spread by the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and the oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria led by former justice minister Hristo Ivanov, who was helped to the cabinet position by Prokopiev. They argue that the protests are demanding the resignations of the entire government and the prosecutor general, but that those in power remain “deaf and continue to talk about cabinet reshuffling” in a bid to appease the public. “They are banking on summer holidays and fatigue weakening your resolve, but if they come down here they will see the determination in your eyes,” Radev said, once again violating the constitution by calling for a riot that would topple the democratically elected government, parliament and prosecutor general of the country. He insisted that the protests should continue so that snap general elections are forced as well as constitutional and judicial reform.

The whole army of left-wingers and pseudo-right-wingers was there, shoulder to shoulder at the rally – from socialist lawmakers to Maya Manolova, whose mayoral campaign was funded by Vasil Bozhkov, aka the Bulgarian El Chapo; and the pseudo-right-wingers from the oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria. They, as well as Radev, want snap elections so that the president, whose nomination for the position was personally approved by Leonid Reshetnikov, a Russian general of the former GRU agency who has a 10-year ban to enter the country stemming from a spy scandal, can appoint a provisional government. The end goal is for that cabinet to purge all public bodies overseeing the organisation of the election process so that the behind-the-scenes clique can manipulate the vote. This much was revealed by an interview given by another prominent protester – attorney for the behind-the-scenes clique Tatyana Doncheva (See here). As for the constitutional and judicial reforms, Radev did not go into detail, but the goal there is clear too – to take the reins of the entire judicial system to benefit those same oligarchs who have been organising and financing malicious campaigns designed to undermine the institutions and save them from retribution for their crimes by helping them regain a tight grip on the state.

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