Puppet cop wrapped in lies about Delyan Peevski

BG Madoff stirred into action his puppet Boyko Noev

Former Defence Minister Boyko Noev, who has been turned into a puppet by the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev for years, demonstrated outrageous illiteracy once again. At each pull of the wires, the puppet Boev activates and throws his lower limbs in media, which is pointed by his indicted boss above.

Whatever he does, Boyko Noev finally leans on the mainstream media machine of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and on the favorite behind-the-scenes’ television bTV. In the finals, his next contribution immediately blossoms on the website, which acts as a press center of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev "Frognews", led by his protege Agent Academician from the former State Security.

On Friday, Boyko Noev - the defender of the oligarchs - spread a lie that the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov personally indicates which officials should be guarded by NSO (the National Service for Protection). He did not fail to involve the name of MP Delyan Peevski, whom the behind-the-scenes clique has been pointing out as their enemy for years. If it is a compliment for the society, then the representatives of the same clique and the puppets who are serving them pour forth fire and brimstone against anyone who has dared to oppose them.

What Boyko Noev coveniently kept silent about is that there is no Bulgarian citizen who can decide himself if he needs security and to queue up in front of NSO in order to ensure such. The need of security is evaluated by a special commission, which includes the Ministry of Interior and the heads of special services. The former minister of defence Boyko Noev considers these details for irrelevant. There is no other way, because Noev is activated with a single purpose - repeating until recoil, "Delyan Peevski is guarded by our money. How long?"

If Boyko Noev does not know how and in what cases guards become appointed by NSO, let him ask. So as not to look ridiculously silly on the TV screen while blabbering on learned phrases. More curious in this case is what happens to a puppet when two oligarchs pull its wires at the same time. What about if there are three of them? As Noev is no longer a defender only of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, but also of the fugitive Vassil Bozhkov. With so many puppet-players, isn't he going to split his legs wide apart?

Shortly before Noev told his brazan lies on Bozhkov TV air, his new patron Ali Baba shouted on Facebook that he did not owe money as a physical person. What about the matters as a legal person then? After keeping a long silence on this topic, Bozhkov came up with the absurd theory that he did not know where to pay the due amount of BGN 700m. Which is very similar to the impudence of another oligarch - Ognian Donev, who rudely said in the court that he did not have the relevant education and did not know that tax liabilities must be paid.

We would like to ask the question which other Bulgarian citizen would serve that trick saying something like that. Because the “complaisant” media like bTV - "Bozhkov TV" never ask such awkward questions. The same happens in other media serving the behind-the-scenes clique, such as the Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle and the Bulgarian Free Europe service, which hurriedly forgive the oligarchs’ obligations and show no interest in those who buried Bulgaria with their plunders. On the contrary, they are visibly sympathetic to the ugly faces of the oligarchy, who are oppressing people's lives.

As it is known, Boyko Noev is from Tsvetan Vassilev’ gang and he is the first defender of the arms dealer Emiliyan Gebrev, who since 2016 has not stopped trying to steal the military plant Dunarit, bought by the credit pharaoh Tsvetan Vassilev with the money of depositors of CorpBank pyramid. However, this topic is taboo in Bozhkov TV, where Noev regularly turns the broken records of the oligarchy.

It is a privilege of the fool to remember only what suits to him. Boyko Noev, for example, does not remember or skillfully pretends to have forgotten both his contacts with Tsvetan Vassilev and the disclosure of NATO secrets. As for Gebrev, in 2001 it was Boyko Noev, as a minister of defence, who restored Gebrev's license of which he had been stripped following the seizure of a Nicaragua arms shipment by the US customs authorities. These days, Noev has a new role too – a consultant on conspiracy theories.

Until 2014 he also worked for Tsvetan Vassilev in Bromak – the main company of the latter which was a majority shareholder in CorpBank. The visitor logs of the fugitive banker showed some years before that the former minister of defence visited Vassilev’s office quite a few times, despite his claims that the two of them do not know each other. For the period August 2013 to March 2014, he had 16 meetings with the fugitive banker, whom he does not remember today.

The names of Kostov, Noev and the arms dealer Gebrev are tied in another scandalous affair. In August 2001, it was reported in public that three of them had bought a military unit, which was closed already, located between Ahtopol and Sinemorets. The land is about 50 decares and there is a bay along. There are no documents in the municipality for registration of this land, but there is a decision of the municipal council, by which the municipal officials require from the Council of Ministers the vacant lands of the former barracks to be transferred as municipal ones.

However, whether and when did Kostov's government or Noev's ministry transfer the property, in Tsarevo's Town Council there is no information. In 2002 the public possession became a property of EMCO, and in 2017 the company "sold" it to its owner for the amount of BGN 867,000. In 2000, Nikolai Kolev-Bossiya revealed Boyko Noev as an agent of GRU. Subsequently, Noev exposed himself as a person activated by the circles around the fugitive banker and his Russian mentors in order to mislead the society.

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