Property of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev worth about BGN 500,000 under restraint

Ivo Prokopiev

The Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) reported that a restraint was imposed on the property of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev worth about BGN 500,000 

On 14 February 2020, ACCIAF submitted a request with the Sofia City Court for sustaining the claim for the forfeiture of illegally acquired property filed against Ivo Prokopiev and Galia Prokopieva. It is related to the probe into Ivo Prokopiev started on 15 August 2018 which established considerable difference between his property and incomes for the period of 15 August 2008 – 15 August 2018. According to the law, it means that there is every indication for filing a claim for forfeiture worth of BGN 451 476,59, distributed between the prospective litigants as follows: BGN 368 895,85 for Ivo Prokopiev and BGN 82 580,74 for Galia Prokopieva. The court rule dated 17 February 2020 sustained the claim and satisfied the request of ACCIAF for imposing protective measures, such as restraint on stocks, bank accounts of both and motor boat Merry Fisher 795 Marlin. The court also issued a protective order.

A preliminary audit of Ivo Prokopiev was launched covering the period of 16 January 2007 – 16 January 2017. The audit’s results have shown a significant difference between the property and incomes. On 6 March 2018, a claim was filed with the District Court of Burgas for confiscation of property for the benefit of the state estimated at BGN     198 927 389,22. Defendants in this lawsuit are Ivo Prokopiev, Galia Prokopieva and three trade companies: Alfa Finance Holding AD, Solarpro Holding AD and Alfa Energy Holding AD. At the request of ACCIAF this claim is secured with the court-approved restraints on stocks and equity capital as well as on undivided shares in a residential building with an outdoor swimming pool in Sozopol. The court rule dated 21 February 2020 suspends proceedings on this case until the ruling of the European Court of Justice is pronounced on cases C-234/18 and C-319/19 on two preclusive pleas filed by Sofia City Court on 23 March 2018 and on 2 April 2019. Following the request by ACCIAF and the rule by the District Court of Burgas dated 17 March 2020 the court allowed for additional protective measures for the claim because of the possibility for the disposal of property by the litigants. These protective measures concern Alfa Finance Holding AD, restraints on property are imposed on Landmark Holding AD, Landmark Bulgaria Tzar EOOD, Landmark Bulgaria Office EOOD, Landmark Bulgaria Tower EOOD and Splendid View EOOD which are under control of the abovementioned trade company or take part in property management. The court imposed restraint on the following immovable property:

- Land plot of 43,504 square metres meant for complex construction in the lands of Burgas municipality;            

- Land plot of 8,185 square metres in the village of Busmantsi along with the already built 4-storey building – a logistic complex;

- Administrative 8-storey building with a built-in area of 1,403 square metres in Sofia;  

- Two-storey shopping facility with a built-in area of 756 square metres in Sofia;

- Regulated land of 1,850 square metres along with the already built office premises with administrative and commercial functions with a built-in area of 9957,5 square metres, consisting of two underground floors and two over-ground areas, of 6-8 and 3 storeys, respectively.    

Protective orders have been issued.


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