Prokopiev shows how his media “weapons” work

His website Dnevnik deleted all critical comments and spat on the freedom of speech

Ivo Prokopiev

On 26 June, Friday, the media “weapons” of the oligarch-publisher Ivo Prokopiev showed their understanding of the freedom of speech. After they spent the entire morning deleting the critical comments below the articles in favor of their boss awaiting conviction on Sunday, aiming only the troll's admiration for the indicted businessman to remain in Dnevnik website, in the afternoon the website administrators received new instructions and forbade all opinions. Thus, the “weapon” website spat on the freedom of speech and showed that only the oligarch’s opinion and his talking points matter.

Meanwhile, the marathon race, which began a few days ago, continued. The aim of the commentators, who receive a public forum, as well as a chance for praise under their views, is to mislead the public that the indicted oligarch is subject to political repression and arbitrariness on the part of the state, as well as that they attack him "because of the editorial policy of Capital and Dnevnik media outlets and their critical stand on power irregularities." In other words, this is exactly what the bard of Prokopiev's democracy, Evgeniy Daynov, explained a few days ago. Proving this way who gives him the talking points in fact, because Prokopiev himself came out with a stand on 27 May, which was identical to Daynov's one. Moreover, he came out in his own website, not in any other media free from his influence.

Awaiting his conviction, the extremely nervous already oligarch stopped hiding his associates. All the pseudo-journalistic organisations, which were personally established by him, stood on their stands as if on command. Thus, the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) gave its view on the conviction case on Thursday. The latter is known for working solely for the interests of the oligarch-publisher since its establishment and its managing staff is full of his employees. Over the years, the “weapon” association has repeatedly violated the free speech in order to defend the oligarch's stands. On 25 June, the same thing was done again. The headline, by which Dnevnik website expressed its boss’s stand, reads: The Association of European Journalists (AEJ): The conviction of Ivo Prokopiev will present a blow to media freedom." The list of the oligarch's media was conveniently omitted in the publication, because apart of his left and right media “weapons” - Dnevnik and Capital websides, he lies at the back a whole bunch of very small media “weapons” in the form of websites, whose ownership is unknown and which work, however, on the same unprofessional, manipulative and deceitful principles as Dnevnik and Capital do.

The AEJ is right when they claim "the consequences of a conviction of Ivo Prokopiev might cause dire consequences on media freedom in Bulgaria." However, it is not specified that they are targeting media outlets of the oligarch Ivo Prokopiev –official or unofficial ones. The AEJ did not even realise that this case was not "expedited by surprise". If they have spent some efforts to be acquainted with the facts, they would have understood that the oligarch Prokopiev's lawyers had agreed between them to claim that they had commitments for the next planned date. So the "expedition" is in line with their wishes.

"Urgent concern" is another ridiculous expression in the statement. Apparently, the organization is showing a double standard, because in the case of removal of the name of the most circulated newspaper in Bulgaria, they were non-committal in saying that it is a private-legal issue. Now they behave directly like oligarch Prokopiev's lawyers, allowing even themselves to come up with a preliminary  stand, that a possible conviction would be based on "unfounded and unproved arguments. “Ladies and gentlemen European journalists of Ivo Prokopiev, since when have you become so skilled in law? And when will you protect the other journalists who are not affiliated with this employer?

To claim that an oligarch is critical of the government, knowing the truth that he appointed and dismissed ministers without hiding it, is unfounded. But it is not the first time when Ivo Prokopiev's European journalists have turned a blind eye to these things.

At the time when the AEJ was founded by 70 journalists in 1962, aiming at "protection of press freedom and freedom of information in Europe”, Ivo Prokopiev was not born and may be not “intended” even. His European journalists conveniently forget about his origin. They pretend not to know who his father was and who his brother was. They suffer amnesia about the bandits’ privatisation of Damyanitsa and Kaolin. The European journalists of Prokopiev, including those who worked for him, have never heard of any talking points and they have never written hired-pens materials.

Hristo Ivanov also joined the European journalists of Prokopiev and Daynov with his defensive stand - not for them to be alone in their rhetoric. Do you know who inserted him in behind-the-scenes clique and who supported him as a politician? Now he returns his kindness to Ivo Prokopiev. He will continue to do so, because they have a common background.

In conclusion, the freedom of speech includes being able to accept a critical thinking and speaking. Unfortunately, in Dnevnik and Capital media outlets it does not happen. We understand and sympathise them.

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