Prokopiev’s mainstream lives up to Stalin’s legacy

There is a man to be slandered (Delyan Peevski) – there are salaries paid

Ivo Prokopiev

Stalin may have been dead for nearly 70 years now but his pernicious legacy is still living. The proof to that are his eminent followers in Bulgaria who under socialism were sitting pretty at the communist nomenclatura feeding rack and after the onset of democracy changed into expensive suits, put on white collars, privatised for cents on the dollar whatever they could get hold of and with the plundered money purchased their own media to have a chance to go on privatising.

This time it is the public opinion and henceforth – the state’s resources. The loyal mercenaries of these same oligarchs posing as publishers, the people working for their media and pretending to be journalists who are actually nothing but pen-pushers-for-hire continue working following the principles set down by Stalin, albeit in a slightly modified variant.

During Soviet times (as well as now) the Soviet leaders’ philosophy of life boiled down to the following emblematic maxim: “If there is oil – there will be Baibakov, if there is no oil – there will be no Baibakov”  (Stalin’s commentary referring to Nikolai Baibakov, minister of oil industry in USSR during his rule – editor’s note). USSR has long become history and in Bulgaria communism was replaced with democracy long ago. Nevertheless the mercenaries of the Bulgarian oligarchs with Russian dependencies similar to their bosses are preaching the same philosophy and apply it to the society and journalism although in a slightly different form: “There is a man to be slandered – there are salaries paid.”      

You have probably recognised these oligarch-publishers, such as for instance indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev. Probably you have also recognised the abovementioned mercenaries who, apropos, do not work only for Capital and Dnevnik, the media outlets which Prokopiev owns officially, but also for dozens of allegedly “independent” sites and other media which reproduce the writings based on the talking points of the oligarch.

However, if you think that you know who the man is thanks to whom they get their paychecks, think twice. No, this is not Prokopiev. It is his sworn enemy, Delyan Peevski. You don’t believe it? Just make reference in their archives. The largest share of the “creative work” in Dnevnik and Capital as well as in their mainstream satellite media created by Prokopiev, which otherwise pretend to be champions of objective journalism but actually are flooding the public space with lies and disinformation and manipulate public opinion, is in fact dedicated to lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. The content is not important. It is important that Peevski is stigmatised. Even when he makes donations (unlike their publisher). This is the order of Master Prokopiev and the mercenaries execute it in full obedience. 

The latest example is the donation worth BGN 700,000 offered by Intrust Company of Delyan Peevski to Pazardzhik municipality so that it could cancel the decision to sell the forest of the village of Tsrancha for a ridiculously low price. To be more accurate – following the decision of Peevski the company provided the sum, as half of it was enough to leave the forest for the people and be converted into a park available for the entire region. The other half was meant for the local volleyball club. Being a media outlet which claims to care for public interests as well as for environment and nature, Dnevnik should have commended this donation. Nevertheless it hasn’t happened. In an article titled “Carry one: Can Peevski’s donation be turned down, it is obliging”, yet another pen-for-hire writing in accordance with the Master’s talking points explains that the offered help does not solve the municipality’s financial problems and it had to sell the forest because it could get nearly BGN 1m for it. There is not a word about the fact that we are talking about a ridiculous price of BGN 3 per a square meter of the forest where there is also cultural heritage. Neither about what could happen to this forest.

What if their publisher loosened purse strings and donated money to the people? But Prokopiev is not used to giving out money except for such commissions. He is used only to reaching into our pockets. And raking in tens of millions at that. That is why when someone makes donations he casts a greedy eye at the state’s financial aid for those affected by the crisis that the Bulgarian Development Bank will hand out. And while he, together with the man whom he recently planted in the bank’s managing board, is figuring out how to syphon off 10% commission from BGN 700m of the state’s aid for the companies and citizens suffering losses in times of crisis his mercenaries are tirelessly writing pasquils against his enemies.

The only thing that is right in this next in a row nefarious writing of the Fake News Factory aimed against Peevski is that the readers have to “carry one”. If they at all decided to waste their time on reading this article. Because the readers have long understood that Dnevnik and the other similar media outlets run by the oligarch-publishers only propel lies and lobby the interests of their indicted bosses. Apparently they do not “carry one”. Because no one reads them.               

This is the reason why the outlets like Dnevnik have urgently become websites instead of newspapers because no one wants to give money for them. And penny-a-liners like the author of this article and thousands of other absurd texts full of ludicrous manipulations targeting Peevski in recent years have only one reason to exist – to libel the lawmaker. Because they know – this is the way to go on functioning, owing to the budgets allocated by Prokopiev for fulfilling this task. And this practice is by far not limited. The entire mainstream organised by him and the other oligarch-publisher is doing the same. They exist and justify their financing with slandering the people who they see as inconvenient for their bosses and the other indicted “businessmen” who made fortunes at the expense of the society. Because they are aware that if there were no targets like Peevski for their fake news they would have ceased existing too.

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