Prokopiev's Dnevnik outlet betrays itself that it is machine for lies against Delyan Peevski

Dnevnik outlet - the flagship of the slanders’ machine of the indicted Razgrad boss Ivo Prokopiev, took off its guise itself. The online edition scored a resounding own goal, exposing itself as a platform for lies and fake news items. Thereby ironically, in another article against the main enemy of behind-the scenes clique in our country - MP Delyan Peevski, apparently commissioned by the Razgrad oligarch.

It is the same oligarch who became a multimillionaire during the bandit privatisation at the time of the former PM Ivan Kostov and through emptying our pockets by the inflated to cosmic heights "green supplement" to our electricity bills for a period of a year, and who is currently on trial in the EVN affair.

In the article in question, having the pompous headline "How did Peevski circumvent a law, which he created himself," Dnevnik tries to claim that the lawmaker made efforts to "hide" the incomes of Telegraph and Monitor newspapers for 2019, which are subject to a public declaration before the Ministry of Culture, by virtue of the amendment to the legislation, adopted by the Parliament on his proposal. For this purpose, as they claim, he had created a new publishing company for his media-publishing group.

In the recent years, the media of the oligarchic behind-the scenes clique have continuously been lulling their guilty conscience with the name "Peevski". The only "guilt" of the lawmaker lies in the fact that his newspapers "Telegraph" and "Monitor" constantly reveal the tricky deals of the transition to democracy period and the plundering of our national wealth, which were performed exactly by people like Prokopiev, the lamb's heads circle and his mentor Ivan Kostov.

And since there is no a single fact to support their manipulations, on the principle of Goebbels propaganda the media staff in the Capital circle use mantra called Peevski as a convenient but false refrain, whenever they have to divert attention from the transgressions and problems with justice of their boss Ivo Prokopiev.

However, no one can tie up to the whopping lie that Telegraph and Monitor outlets have not complied with the Law on Compulsory Deposit of Printed and Other Works and Announcement of Distributors and Providers of Media Services. It was namely Delyan Peevski who introduced the amendments to the law above, and the purpose was to bring to light both the financing of the newspapers in our country and their possession.

The campaign against the amendments continues to this day, because it brought to light the behind-the-scenes commitments and non-market mechanisms according to which Prokopiev's mainstream media are financed, including Dnevnik outlet. That is the reason, after the adoption of this law, a whole series of publications tied to oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his fellows from behind the scenes clique, such as the protesters’ websites Toest, Terminal 3, Praspress and the family-affiliated with Kremlin propaganda website Bivol, jumped against the amendments.

At the same time, unlike the publications of the Capital circle, financed on non-market basis through grants from foreign foundations and with money from the state-owned enterprises, which were privatised for cents on the dollar during Kostov's term of office, Telegraph and Monitor’s ownership and the way of financing are public and based on the principles of the market economy. So to say that it is Peevski or his companies that will not comply with the law, which was introduced personally by him, is not only completely frivolous, but it also reveals a serious pathology.

The facts clearly show that Dnevnik's manipulations, apparently realised with the participation of Prokopiev's figurehead in the Ministry of Culture, were transparent. They are the following:

On 29 June 2020, the company Telegraph Media EOOD, which publishes the newspapers "Telegraph" and "Monitor" at that time, submitted electronically in due time (as the deadline was 30 June) a duly completed declaration to the Ministry of Culture, in which it declares both its actual owner - Delyan Peevski, and the concluded advertising contracts with state bodies and companies, which it was obliged to declare according to the law. In fact, the contract is only one and it is for the amount of BGN 15,000, concluded with DZZD Sport Factors (partnership under the Obligations and Contracts Act). This is the only "public resource" that Telegraph and Monitor have received.

Unlike Prokopiev's publications, which were gratuitously funded in 2019 - by the America for Bulgaria Foundation (BGN 500,000), the European Commission (BGN 202,744) and the European Parliament (BGN 153,881). They concluded additional agreements with the European Commission (for BGN 701,063), the European Parliament (for BGN 192,350 ), with political parties, including GERB (for BGN 105,278) and Democratic Bulgaria (for BGN 5,100), as well as dozens of other advertising contracts with state-owned companies and bodies, including the Ministry of Finance, Kozloduy NPP, LB Bulgaricum EAD, BNR, BNT, Kintex, Financial Supervision Commission (FSC), Fund Manager of Financial Instruments in Bulgaria EAD “ Borika AD, BNB and others.

The same declaration was submitted by Telegraph Media EOOD to the Commercial Register, again on 29 June, which fully complied with the law. On 27 July, the publishing activity of Telegraph Media EOOD was transferred to a new company - Vestnik Telegraph EOOD, which is also ultimately owned by Delyan Peevski. According to the law when changing the publisher this circumstance should be announced before the Ministry of Culture within seven days period, on 1 August 2020 a declaration was again submitted electronically, this time by Vestnik Telegraph EOOD.

However, Prokopiev's manipulators from Dnevnik outlet lie that a declaration from Telegraph Media EOOD was submitted on 29 June only in the Commercial register, but not before the Ministry of Culture. Thus, you see, Peevski wanted to "hide" the ownership and financing of his media, to "circumvent" his own law, and to "cover up" which company of his exactly publishes his newspapers. Because both registers were public, but one of them could only be entered with an electronic signature.

Naturally, such nonsense can only be born in the minds of the pseudo-journalists of the Capital circle's feeding rack. Because there is not any logic for a publicly known fact about the ownership of Telegraph and Monitor to be "hidden", as well as to "hidden" an advertising contract worth BGN 15,000. Moreover, as of the same date, 29 June, this information is already available in the Commercial Register.

An attempt for elementary manipulation, but typically in the style of the "smart and beautiful", gender-oriented and trying to make themselves "pillars of morality" Procopiev’s scribblers, who make mistakes even in the manipulation. Because a day before the article in question - on Thursday, Dnevnik released its first version, which they deleted for several hours. Probably not only because it was full of mistakes, but because they had information that they would receive a support from the Ministry of Culture, whose position was missing in the first version of the pamphlet in question. The author of both the first and the second article is the same – it is the daughter of one of the former representatives of the Capital circle in Borissov's governments - Rumyana Bachvarova.

More importantly, in order to be served Dnevnik's manipulation, the declaration submitted by Telegraph Media EOOD on 29 June is mysteriously missing from the public register of the Ministry of Culture, which allows to Dnevnik to formally "legalise" its lie. To their great regret, however, the conspirators did not take into account that the date and time of submission were marked on the electronic signature by means of which the document was filed.

Why the declaration of Telegraph Media does not appear in the public register of the Ministry of Culture? Did the ministry really claim that our publishing group submitted the document with a delay of one month, despite of the compliance with all the legal deadlines, as Dnevnik claims in its article and if so - why, given that the facts are different? These are questions whose answers we still expect from the Minister of Culture Boil Banov, to whom they were sent yesterday afternoon. However, until the editorial completeness of last night's copy, no answers had been received. We will continue insisting on them, because it is a matter of sabotage against the truth in this case.

Even without the answers from the cultural department, one thing is clear - with their article, from "Dnevnik" they not only refute their claims that the publisher of Telegraph and Monitor wanted to hide the funding in question, but also reveal that they have a figurehead in the department.

The reason is that the advertising contract of BGN 15,000 is explicitly mentioned in the article in question. It is a fact that is duly included in the duly submitted declaration of Telegraph Media, which, however, is mysteriously missing in the  public register of the Ministry of Culture. If it is missing in the register, then the only option for them to know about the existence of the contract is their access to this document. Such access can be got only by Ministry of Culture. Or they could admit the truth that they lied about Delyan Peevski that he has"hidden" anything.

An equally logical question is who is the figurehead? Some subordinate official to the Minister of Culture Boil Banov or the very minister, who is directly responsible for ensuring the publicity of media funding.

Telegraph and Monitor outlets will continue to insist not only on answers from Boil Banov. We also insist on a full investigation on the reason why our declaration, which was regularly submitted by our media group, disappeared from the website of the Ministry of Culture in favour of the Capital circle, as well as why the ministry provided exactly on Dnevnik website, unchecked information that serves their manipulation.

Then the relevant responsibility will have to be borne, as well as Prokopiev's ties in this state department will have to be brought to light. Another attempt for Goebbels propaganda on Delyan Peevski shoulder again suffered a full fiasco.

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