Prokopiev clique flows propaganda against Donald Trump with US Congress money

The Radio Free Europe Bulgarian service makes an advertisement of John Bolton's book, not paying attention to American President's position

A train derailed in Siberia. Two of the passengers are saving themselves miraculously, and a militant old man with a grenade in one hand and a rifle in the other jumps out to meet them.

- Are you “for” the revolution or “against” it? He asks them.

- Which revolution?

- The one we started in 1917?

- Oh, it’s gone a long time ago. After it, there was a socialism, communism, perestroika. We are playing now capitalism.

"Oh, comrades, why don't you say such things? We're still blowing up trains here!

Ivo Prokopiev's mainstream media machine operates in the same way. The Republican President Donald Trump has been president of the United States for 4 years now. Nevertheless, the protesters’ gang of the indicted oligarch from the town of Razgrad, who occupied the so-called Bulgarian service of Radio Free Europe, is still keeping apparently the champagne from the previous US elections of his Democratic Party rivals. Obviously hoping that if they failed that time, they would fly the champagne cork now.    

A scandal has been circulating in the western media within a day, about the book of the former national security adviser of Donald Trump - John Bolton, who decided in the midst of the US election campaign to publish a work loudly called "A White House Memoir." The book brings grist to Democrats’ mill. Excerpts from the book appeared in two of the most known American newspapers, which are traditionally supporting their politics. This morning Trump himself denied Bolton's claims, calling him a "liar" and a "failed man."

What is the Bulgarian service of Radio Free Europe doing against this backdrop - advertising the book (?!) Prokopiev's spokesman, who occupied the service in question - Ivan Bedrov &Co has published a steady material promoting Bolton's allegations, without considering it was necessary to inform their readers about the position of Trump himself. Are there any of you surprised? Hardly. But there should be!

Because, talking about the usual bolts and cogs in the manipulation machine of Prokopiev’ clique, such a behavior cannot be surprise for the Bulgarian society long ago. It has been clear for years that namely the indicted Razgrad boss is a proxy and follower in Bulgaria of one of the Trump's main opponents - billionaire speculator George Soros, building his NGO network to manipulate public opinion following the model and using the money of this same person. That is why, since Donald Trump became a landlord of the White House, to this day, every media outlet associated with the Capital circle has been flowing attacks against him.

The reason is simple - the nomenclature "capitalist" Ivo Prokopiev observes the basic postulate of every unscrupulous paid puppet - he barks according to the interests of the one who gives the grants. Since the grants come from George Soros, Ivo Prokopiev and his entire gang of hired pens write according to the orders and interests of their sponsor. However, under the guise of journalists. The readers of Dnevnik and Capital publications, as well as the other "independent media" of the oligarchic mainstream media machine have already understood this truth. For reference - the forums of these two publications, where their readers expose their own lies.

However, when propaganda against democratically elected US president is flowing on the website of a US tax payers-funded media, it means that things have seriously gone wrong. In the end, the Bulgarian service of the Radio Free Europe was restarted on the grounds that it would proclaim a quality journalism based on all points of view and promoting the Euro-Atlantic values.

Unfortunately, under the orchestra baton of the Prokopiev’s clique, which occupied the Bulgarian service, the latter plays the role of agitation point, flowing only propaganda and manipulations in favor of the indicted oligarchs in our country and their mentors. Reality then becomes bestrewn with serious paradoxes - a team funded by tens of millions, which come from the pockets of the American taxpayers, attacks with brazen and narrow-minded manipulations the democratically elected American president, who was chosen by the same taxpayers.

There are too many questions arising, one of them is how a media outlet, which all of us remember to be an emblem of the "wind of change" in our country, came to life again as a colour bearer of the severe communist regime and its brutal propaganda techniques. And while we are looking for an answer of how Prokopiev managed to insert his loyal cadre and main assistant in his political engineering Ivan Bedrov (for reference - ARGOgate shorthand records) in the Bulgarian service of Radio Free Europe, turning it into anti-Bulgarian in its nature, it is even more important to hear the opinion of the American institutions on another issue.

How long both the US Congress, which flows tens of millions of dollars into Radio Free Europe, and the U.S.Embassy in Bulgaria, will continue to witness the  outright transformation of the publications in question, which they support, into a participant in the US election campaign and an anti-journalistic mood board? Because the last time we checked, two parties were represented in the US Congress, not one. The democratically elected head of state was Donald Trump, not a Soros-funded person.

The website of the same so-called BG service wrote that it is going to strengthen the civil society by supporting the values of democracy and pluralism, with ethical and balanced journalism based on the highest journalistic standards. So where did you see such values in your journalistic texts, dear comrades?

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