Prime Minister of Armenia resigns

Snap elections are scheduled for 20 June

Photo: EU Nikol Pashinyan.

I considered it important to tender my resignation today, on Citizen’s Day and it is emblematic in a sense that in this way we are returning to the citizens the authority received from them, so that they could elect a government through free and fair elections, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on Sunday in a video message. 

Pashinyan announced he is stepping down so to allow to be held snap elections on 20 June. 

As AFP reported, PM’s political party would participate in those early parliamentary elections and Pashinyan would run again for prime minister of the country.

He will continue to exercise the duties of PM until the snap elections.

Two months ago, following discussions held with the country’s president and the leaders of parliamentary factions, he announced his decision to hold early parliamentary elections in Armenia on 20 June.

According to the constitution of the country, early parliamentary elections can be held only when the PM resigns, and the Parliament fails to elect a PM twice. After that, the National Assembly is considered to be dissolved and special parliamentary elections are held.

I suggested late last year holding snap elections in 2021, Armenian PM said recalling that “it was rejected by a number of forces because the circles that rejected the idea of snap elections considered that the political elite was the one decide on the fate of the government behind closed doors without the people’s voice”.

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