Pretty sure it's just the wind

Victoria Draganova

The exhibition Pretty Sure It's Just the Wind brings a whiff of freshness from Germany and the contemporary art scene together with the coming of March and the spring of 2021. Curated by Victoria Draganova, the project spans two locations in Sofia: Goethe-Institut Bulgaria and Swimming Pool. It is also the opening event of the year at the Institut's renovated gallery.

Pretty Sure It's Just the Wind is a logical extension of the long-term Goethe-Institut Bulgaria's work aimed at presenting and supporting young Bulgarian artists through the exhibition series Art Start. In 2021 the initiative grows with the first of a new series of exhibitions offering an overview of the young contemporary art scene in various German cities or provinces. After Frankfurt, the next cities in focus will be Duesseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, etc.

The two-part exhibition will feature artworks by four young artists who live and work in Frankfurt am Main and who are students at the legendary German Academy of Fine Arts Staedelschule. The young artist Radoslav Ninov-Rudi, who is known in Bulgaria, is among them. The project planning began just before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, and the subsequent collaboration was determined by the social isolation and the silence that has gripped all offline and online venues.

The exhibition opens on 10 and 11 March in the gallery of the Goethe-Institut in Sofia in compliance with all anti-epidemic measures. It can be seen until 10 April. The audience will have the opportunity to meet the authors on the opening days.

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